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sunnuntai 31. lokakuuta 2010

Last trip for this month

Greetings from a very windy Lovisa archipelago,spent my saturday and a few hours of sunday fishing in pretty rough weather conditions,especially today when the wind was blowing 12-14ms.

The saturday started so well even the wind was somwhere between 8-9ms,the rain was drizzling,perfect weather for some serious pikehunt.After I had put on some heat in my cottage I went to my first hot spot(the same where I got my PB 114cm/10,3kg).
Don´t know why I went just there,I just had a feeling....
I decided NOT to fly fish because the wind was so tricky,blowed from my right arm side so there would have been a risk the fly could catch my ear or something else that i wanted to keep for myself.
Anyway,I had my jerkbaits and also my spinncasting combo with me.
I started with some spinncasting,I used a JAK-spoon in silver/black colour combo.
I think it was with my fifth cast when I felt that someone´s home,well...it was a very small one but at least the game was on,grabbed him with my lip lock pliers into the boat and off hooked him,think this pike had so great colour and nice pattern so I just had to take a photo.

I just have to say that I don´t usually take photos like this,I think that it in some way show some kind of disrespect to the catch but please forgive me,even if it´s a small one i think this one had so clear and beautiful colour and I was alone in a rocking boat so.....
then suddenly I had a crazy time by grabbing six pikes in 35 minutes,all of them with the same spoon,but the size was small,very small,the biggest was 2,20 kg,and one strange coincidence more,I grabbed all of them almost from the same place,

After that....Nothing,absolutely nothing even if i tried to change the model of the lure,the colour and of course I tried different hot spots too.
I just lost the touch.

My last desperate try was to go to a place that usually works great in the summertime
but just before I arrived there the rain finished and in the horizon I saw something i didn´t wanted to,something that I have a big respect for,and thats fog.
Especially in sea conditions it can surround you in minutes and i could be very nasty to find back to my cottage.
My first toughts was to make a fast try but after a second tought I decided to drive back to my cottage.

Todays trip wasn´t funny,the forecast said on friday the wind is going to be 5-7ms but suprisingly it was between 12-14ms.I fished only one spot for a couple of hours without any result.
The sonar "saw" fishes but they where not intrested in my lures.
I saw one small pike following my lure almost to the side of the boat before it turned away.After that I also turned away,put my boat on the trailer and went home.

Here you can see those fishes on the sonar,the depth and the water temperature.

And finally,here´s also a photo of a hot spot that has delivered many fishes on late summer evenings.

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  1. Minkä merkkiset leukapihdit noi on? Taitaa olla ne Berkleyn, joilla hintaa about 30 € ja vaaka mukana?


  2. Juurikin ne,Vantaan Honkkarista tuli ostettua,hintaa tosin ei muistaakseni ollut kuin parikymppiä???