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perjantai 22. lokakuuta 2010

The boat is working........So far

Now I got a brand new battery in my boat and it seems to work,hopefully I can trust on my boat again,it´s a shame that I lost my faith in it.It doesn´t feel the same way to go fishing right now when it has once left me out at the sea,feels like:what if it doesn´t start when it has to.
Well....I´ll go for fishing anyway,I just have to,there will not be too many trips anymore this year before the ice conquer the sea,every year too early in my opinion.
But in other hand,maybe it´s only good to have a little break some time,be with your non fishing friends,taking care of your fishing equipments,lubricate your reels,tie some new flies,and for me to build some real lures again,planning some new trips etc.etc....

But i think that I´m instead of planning anything for next year start to planning something for tomorrow.Among other things I´m goin´g to tie some flies with grass protection,got some diffrent ideas for that too,stole one idea from the Minnow spoon lure,think I have to work on that.
Tight lines to everybody who goes fishing this weekend.

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  1. Kireitä sulle! Ota sä ne kalat pois, mä joudun ainakin tän päivän jättämään väliin flunssan takia. Jos sitä kuitenkin sen verran vielä tervehtyisi että pääsisi huomenna renkailemaan...