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maanantai 25. lokakuuta 2010

Some new equipments.

One thing I forgot to mention was that I bought me also new gloves by Abu-Garcia and a lip lock pliers with a scale.
I bought the lip-lock plier because I have been litte bit shaky when I suppose to get the fish off hooked,still remember this....

Or this one,on the next trip,thank god,this time it was barbless...

Unfortunally I didn`t get the chance to try how it works,maybe next time....
But the gloves or should I say THE gloves,I mean so far with one trip behind they were better than good,kept my hands warm,even when they were wet,get a good grip when strippin,good grip on the steering wheel or anything,so for the price of 14,95€ I feel the price/quality is really good,hopefully they keep my hands warm even when it´s getting colder than last weekend.

And to the last a brand new fly in the spirit of Replot Stinger but with some bunny zonker stripes as a tail.

1 kommentti:

  1. Fuck me that hook looked meaty!

    love the use of bunny zonkers instead of feathers Djuza. wicked colour combo as well.