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torstai 28. heinäkuuta 2011


Haven´t posted anything for a while simply because there hasn´t been much to tell you about.
It hasn´t been any fishing and very little tying because there has been so much to think about like my younger daughters confirmation,trying to find a new apartment,have also done a lot of extra work.
Thank god after one week I will have two weeks JUST FOR MYSELF!!! Then I will go fishing,no matter what.
The weather has been extremly hot and dry but today we had some heavy rain showers and thunder in Helsinki so hopefully the water temp has sink to a reasonable degrees.

That´s all for now,here is some photos of my latest tying,all inspirated by Simon Grahams latest posts.
Very pleased with my yellow/orange/red combo.

And I also like those not so usual combos.hope they delivering something.

These were all tied inspirated by Simon Graham and this last one was tied inspirated by Niklaus Bauers Sheephed fly even if This fly doesn´t include any Sculpin wool at all.
Tied in one of my favourit colour combo.

perjantai 22. heinäkuuta 2011

Blended Body Fibre.

Have been over 30 degrees celsius for a week now so there has not been any fishing at all and even flytying has been in background now because of the heat.
even the water temp has again raised over 24 degrees almost everywhere I use to fish.Anyway I have a plan to go fishing tomorrow but it depend what the forecast says,
don´t wanna go driving around in boiling and pea soup coloured water spiced up with a massive bed of blue-green algae.
The second horror-scenario is heavy rain and thunder that has shaked western part of Finland coming to Lovisa.
Well,it will be tomorrows concern.

Have at least tied to new flies,got me an idea from my last post were I mentioned Body fibre,it´s a little bit like Slinky but softer,actually so soft it´s hard to get any profile on your fly without for example to tie Bucktail under it.
Have lately tied some flies of SF blend and decided to blend some SF with Body Fibre
And have to say I think it works,it still has the softness but on other hand also some posture.
The idea of the colours are inspirated from Simon Grahams late postings,They looked so awsome I just had to use them(colours).

The second one looks just black but there is a dash of silver and pearl coloured Lateral Scale,have big expectations on this,Black/silver combo has been outstanding this year,pikes have destroyed three flies with black as main colour,let´s see what happens with this one.

Both flies are about 17cm and are mostly planned for the coming Autumn but will be tested ASAP.

tiistai 19. heinäkuuta 2011


I went back to that bay on Sunday afternoon with a new flash fly inspirated by a JAK-spoon which delivered many fishes on Saturday.
There is a photo of that spoon in my last post in that very small buggers mouth and the fly looks like this:

The weather conditions was about same as on Saturday maybe not so windy.
I couldn´t land as many fishes as on Saturday but at least 4 pikes which was a little bit bigger than on saturday,think they were somewhere between 1.5-2.0 kilos.
I don´t know the reason but I felt they attacked my fly with more rage then the lures.
One of them jumped 3-4 times like a seatrout up and down before I was able to land it.

I also once again got me a "nice" sunburn.....

Anyway,bought me a bug bond kit and from now on the epoxy glue is useless.
Just tied one fly with a "bug bond Head" and I´m already a big fan of it,so easy,so clean to use,hopefully Nordic angler will keep it in stock long as possible.
This fly is tied with Slinky fibre and I have to say that I like Body fibre more than Slinky,its a little bit softer --->more movement in the water,I just have so few colours,think Nordic angler will soon have an order.....

lauantai 16. heinäkuuta 2011

Fishing 16.7 2011

Went out fishing with my brother this morning at Lovisa archipelago.
Got my own boat on trailer so we used our small Sun Buster instead.Left the dock at
7 AM and the weather was pretty good for some pikefishing,a small breeze,cloudy with some rain showers now and then.Air temp around +15 degrees celcius,don´t know about the water temp,it was still warm but much colder then last trip.

We decided to start on a place where we haven´t fish before at this year,it´s a rock pile in the middle of the sea and there has usually been fishes at this time a year.
The water depth is from 3-10 meters so instead of flyfishing I did some spincasting and jerkbait fishing instead.

We get some fishes even if my brother said that this will not work.
After an hour or so we went to a familiar place to see if there would be somebody home,a shelter shallow bay where flyfishing was possible,my brother tried with jerkbaits but because of the water plants it wasn´t so funny,the fly worked very well,delivered two pikes in 15 minutes.

While we were driving to our third spot we decided to give a whole new place a chance were we had often passed but never fished before.

Because it was a new place for both of us we both used spincasting equipments so we could quickly fish the whole area and see if there´s anybody home.
What I really miss in all new places is my sonar to see water depth and the shape of the bottom but this boat don´t got one so it was just to try fishing.

Three pikes later we decided to go on but I don´t know how we went so adventurous and instead of a familiar place we once again ended up on a totally new place,a sheltered strait between two islets which looked good but was empty of fishes....

And after that we decided to go to our planned spot but very soon we found out that there wasn´t any fishes there either and the wind had started to blow heavier now so we started slowly to drive back to the dock.
The wind blowed for at least 9-10 m/s and the waves went bigger so we took a new course back home.
I don´t know why or who´s idea it was but we went in to a very windy bay whit a lot of rocks and waterplant,we anchored in the middle of the bay and I think by the anchor rope the depth was about 2 meters and start fishing.
Very quickly we found out that this was a jackpot,the size was from XS to S but there was a lot of fish,about 20-30 minutes and at least 15 fishes,I made my new record:4 casts ---> 4 landed pikes in a row.

The last fish was probably the smallest pike I ever have catch.

My brother had an appointment so we couldn´t stay longer,what a shame ,I have a feeling that somewhere in that bay was the big one just waiting for me,I might get back tomorrow to make a new try.
I don´t know how many pikes we landed today but somewhere between 25-30 I think,it was a nice trip even if it wasn´t so much flyfishing and the size was small.I will be back to the new places with my flyrod now when the places are tested and found out that there is fishes.

While I wrote this my brother called me and said we landed totally 28 pikes ?????
Don´t know and don´t give a shit about how many we landed but it was fun :).

torstai 14. heinäkuuta 2011

Some arrangement.

Sorry for not posting anything for a while but to tell you the truth there hasn´t been too much to write about.
I haven´t been out fishing because of the weather,first too hot then too windy but hopefully I will be able to go fishing late on Friday evening or early on Saturday morning,have some plans with my brother.
I haven´t even tied a single fly for over a week.

Now,confess that you are at least a little bit curious what the hell I have done the whole week.........

Well,I have made some bigger arrangements with my tying corner,the corner will be a room!
I don´t have any Photos from where I started but it has been a hell of a job to do,
not ready yet but before winter it should be ready with a new TV and DVD-player,comfortable couch where I can watch football(soccer)or my fishing movies
and a big tying place and also room for all my fishing and tying stuff.

Here is a photo after three trips to our local dump.

Still two or three trips before I can take new furnitures in.
My new tying table has been a little bit messy for a while but slowly there will be some room to do something.

I left a small consol behind my tying table where I put allready some of my stuff like some reels and lines and my fishing films,books.
The lower part is full of "very important" fishing magazines.

I have for while wonder what to do with my Flashabou´s,not good to store in boxes and today was the day to fulfill my plan that has been in my head for a looooooong time now,I´m very pleased with the result.

Easy to find what you are looking for,or to see what you got in stock,I really think this arrangement will work.
I will update this "project" soon but now I`m gonna focus for some fishing at weekend.

sunnuntai 10. heinäkuuta 2011

I´m stunned.

Went home yesterday from my cottage with some mixed feelings.
I understand that most of people like warm and sunny days at summer but as everything also this case have its reverse side.
It has been +25 to over +30 degrees now in many weeks which is nice when you are on vacation but while I was out on sea for two days my thoughts was OH MY GOD!!!
While the air temp rised near +30 degrees celsius the sonar showed me some incredible water temps,at lowest 23,4 degrees and at highest 26,2 degrees.
The water colour reminded me of thick pea-soup when big beds of blue-green algaes covered the whole archipelago,the surface of the sea was calm,also saw some dead fishes here and there.
At many places there was big beds of water plants where my sonar showed a depth over 4 meters.
The place where I had my PB Pike was so full of water plants that it would have been impossible to fish there,in fact I felt so sad about all this that I didn´t fish hardly at all,was just a couple of times out with my floating tube training to cast in sitting position.

Now I´m gonna cross my fingers up to my elbows that the air temp will drop a lot,also hopes for some heavy rains for a week not only for the fishes but for the whole nature.
By waiting I think I will tie some flies.

keskiviikko 6. heinäkuuta 2011

The curse of the black fly

Even if the title sounds like a ghost story it´s only telling about my last fishing trip yesterday and the day before.
Not much to tell you about the trip,had only one small pike landed but this story is about the big one that escape.

The weather itself was perfect for fishing,cloudy with a wind 5-7 m/s,but the problem was water temp it was at some places +21 degrees celsius and at lowest +17 degrees so had to try to find fishes a little bit deeper than usually.
Also decided to fish late at evening and early morning when it´s a bit cooler.

I fished on a place where the sonar showed a depth from 1,2m to 7,5 meters and after almost an hour I felt someone hit the fly,and it was hit by rage,I felt immediately it was something big but after 10-15 seconds the fight was over without even an eye contact.
The only thing was left was a raped fly and once again a fly with black as main colour,coincidence or not but the last fly that was teared apart was almost identical in colours with this.

Here is a photo of the earlier fly.(Tying material is cut by me just to show the hook)

Sounds spooky :).
Also tested my Flash-flies with coneheads but Found myself in a dilemma,they dont sink fast enough(used a sink/3 line) in my opinion and don´t wanna cast heavier flies so maybe it´s time to wait till the water temp sink a bit and fish for Pearch or Bream(not sure about the English name of Lahna)for a while.

The weather here is now sunny +25 degrees not a single cloud on the sky so there will be no fishing before evening but I had a plan to go training with my floating tube so I can handle it later in autumn when I will take some trips with it more seriously.

Here is some new flies in my Flash family.

lauantai 2. heinäkuuta 2011


I promised for some time ago that there would not be any flash flies for a loooooooong time....Well,I lied,I can´t explain why but I feel that my head is empty of new ideas,it all started when I decided to start to tie on tubes.
I know I could tie some more Regret-flies on tube but today I felt relaxed and peaceful so of some reason I decided to give those fuckin flash-flies a new and definetly a last chance (I know I said it all before)and to my big suprise everything went moderately well,I mean..I´m happy with the result even if it doesn´t look like a masterpiece :)
but I belive that I can get some fish with these.
Still need some training but this is at least a start,and a good one in my opinion.

Also bought me a new camera today,waterproof,shockproof ETC,ETC....
so I could take some pics later at Autumn when it´s raining and the wind is blowing.
This is also a camera I can take with me when I´m out with my floating tube.

Have study a lot fishing from floating tube lately,I have so far only went out with it in summertime but have plans to examine some places in late autumn so I might need some new stuff like warm clothes under my Waders,now I got a camera but still looking for GOOD gloves,they need to be warm and comfortable.
Well,still have time to find some.......

perjantai 1. heinäkuuta 2011

On tour.

Went home from my Vacation tour from a warm sunny Sweden this morning to a if possible a warmer and sunnier Finland with a temp around 30 degrees celsius.
Of course my trip included some visits to different fishing stores starting from a big shop called Berras outdoor in Stockholm where I did my first shopping including some tying material.

After some kilometers and many cups of coffee I arrived to one of my favourite shops in Örebro:Sportfiske & Outdoor where I bought some more material and talked a while with the owner.
Not much more to tell about the rest of the trip except the visit at Fiske och Fritid in Karlstad where I filled my tying material bags even more.
Here is the result of my tour in Sweden.

As you can see I bought me some new hooks to compete with Tiemco 600sp,they are Gamakatsu F 314,also interested to try those Fish sculls,think they are the same that Simon use?
Anyway,I haven´t called or answered my cellphone for a week,not neither touched a computer,or checked my e-mail so I have some withdrawal symptoms :).
Almost immediately after I arrived home I finished some old flies and tied more,
living in a hope that tomorrow I will drive to my cottage and do some pikehunt.
One thing that can ruin my plans is the forecast wich says that there might be some thunder but if it will be then I might just rest and tie some flies again....