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sunnuntai 24. lokakuuta 2010

Fishing trip 24.10-2010

Just went home after a pretty awful trip to loviisa.the start was at 07.00 am and after I had filled some gasoline in both car and boat,of course I also had a cup of coffee the boat was in the water 08.15 am.

The weather was about +4,cloudy with some small rain,the wind....there wasn´t no wind.The surface was absolutely calm.
The water level had rised since last weekend.

I went directly to the first spot without any bigger expectations of some catch.
Wery lucky to be without expectations because I had not a single hit on any fly for an hour of fishing.

After that frustating hour i drived to spot number two,and that was a new place that I had checked from the map yesterday.
This place was the reason I bought the new floating line and tied the fly with grass protection.
Quickly as I could I changed to floating line(Vision Vibe 85)and a fly to the end of the line and on the second cast I felt someone attacked the fly,the fight was over in about 10 seconds and the fish won.
I had 6 hits in an hour but could not land any of them so I decided to cut of the grass protection in hope to land some fish but no,even wiyh a floating line only thing i could land was a lot of water plant and after I had to clean the fly after every cast I decided to give up.

The most disapointing thing on this trip was that just when I had to go home the wind started to break the surface and in my opinion the weather would have been not good but perfect for some serious pikefishing but unfortunally I had some appointments that I just couldn´t cancel so The only thing I could do was to get the boat on the trailer and leave all the fish there and wait for me.

Now,I really hope this wasn´t the last trip for this year,This trip left me with some bad taste because of a little hurry,had to watch the time now and then,I still don´t trust my boat either,so I hope I can still do some relaxing trip before the ice conquer the sea,hopefully next week.

Sorry I still don´t have any photos from this trip.I promise I will take some on next trip.

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