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keskiviikko 13. lokakuuta 2010

Some toughts about pikefishing

The reason why I wrote a title like that is because I often hear things like:blääh,it´s just a pike,coarse fish,why bothering fishing for pike etc,etc...

I can´t stop wondering whereof that bad reputation?I mean...I think its the most fished fish here in Finland but however seatrout,browntrout,salmon,grayling and even pearch is more wanted then a pike,especially flyfishers appreciate trout,salmon and grayling much more then pikes.

There is many people saying that is so easy to fish pike,well sometimes it is,but I have also made many zero trips when nothing seems to be good enough for those fussy ones.

In Sweden there has been talks about a law that allow you to fish 3 pikes a day,and only fishes betveen 40-75 cm can be taken to food or whatever,smaller and bigger must be released.
After I heard the talk about flyfishing for pike perfomed by Simon.G I have started wonder when will Finland follow Sweden in this case,especially now when flyfishing for pike is the fastest growing form of fishing and as I have a feeling that other forms of pikefishing also will rise I would be delighted to see the government make a move to not let the pike get into the same situation as seatrout and salmon are today.

What can we fishermen and women do?
Personally I ´m using barbless hooks to minimize the damages,releasing the biggest individuals and I dont take more fish for food that I eat in a day,I mean I dont fill the refrigerator with pikemeat.
And for the last thing I try to release the fish soon as possible,especially in summertime when the water is warm.

Thats all for now,I hope nobody take offense for my writing,it was just a thougt,dont judging anybody,I´m just a little bit worried about the future of pike.
The main thing is to enjoy whatever you doing,mo matter are you fishing salmon,trouts
seatrouts etc,etc.
My passion is flyfishing for pikes and tying pikeflies and while I´m writing this I got an idea of a fly that needs to be tied.

Tight lines and enjoy your fishing.

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  1. Great topic, that attitude is quite common among the older people and those who are not active fishermen. It seems that people cannot see the forest for the trees: People commonly consider pike as harmful species "It eats all the little trouts" etc. but in fact pike has an important role fighting eutrophication (rehevöityminen) by feeding on fish that actually cause this unwanted phenomena. Big pikes also regulate the number and size of baitfish in its territory.

    For example in Lapland, big pikes regulate the population of graylings in the rivers. Some of the smallest graylings will be eaten, so the limited food supply for the graylings would still be enough for the remaining fish to grow big and strong. If the pikes are hunted down, the grayling population would grow in numbers but none of them will ever grow up as they run out of food. There must always be the necessary guys in the food chain, otherwise the system won't work.

    Pike is almost perfect sporting fish. It grows big, it's relatively easy to find, it takes flys when in the mood and it can give a nice fight. It can also survive in difficult conditions and it is suitable for C&R fishing. At the moment, pike is not in danger but from the last year, my catches have dropped significantly. I'd like to know why...