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tiistai 25. maaliskuuta 2014

Gone skagit.

So,last Sunday March 23  was the day of my traditional DH-rod day at Langinkoski,Kymi river.
This year it was more than a month earlier then last year ( April 27).
My friend Pietro arrived to my place about 8 am and 9.30 am we sat at Risto Rämä,the gas station who sell permits to Langinkoski with two fresh permits in our pockets and a cup of coffee in our hands making some plans for the day.We had no big expectations about any Salmons or Trouts even if I last year had me a nice Rainbow.For us this was just some kind of therapy before Pike season really start,some variation.

After a coffee break we had a short couple of minutes to drive and I think it was abut 10 am  when we had our waders on and walked down to the shore.

There was a thick ice lay everywhere at the riverside so we had to be very careful while walkin to find a fishable area.

The reason why I like this place is because believe it or not,I'm not a skagit master so I want and I need space around me...A LOT and here I got it.

Anyway,we fished for a while without any contacts and took a break at my car because we were both freezing a bit.
Blackcurrant juice and warm hot dogs taste good in these dank and windy conditions and soon we were ready to  continue our fishing,after some hours of practice we both noticed that our casts looked pretty good,not master class but at least to lenghts that made us think that a fish could be possible but no,no fishes even if we tried hard,did not seen anybody else either who would have got anything

We were fishing at the westside of the river when Pietros line sticked on something and after some minutes of trying to get it loose his floating skagit body broke into two pieces,and that wasn't all,even his tip coil on his rod twisted so no more fishing for him,honestly me also have had enough and when it started to rain we both decided to start going back home but we had to stop for a hamburger at Lovisa,a good solution to end a trip were the fishes don't wanna co-operate.

perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2014

Where are you Spring ?

As some of you know my Spring officially starts from GoExpo fair in Helsinki but this year has been very special in so many ways like fishing 1:st January and then BAM,extremely cold period in two and a half months and then suddenly temps up to +8 degrees,people cruising around with their cabriolets ETC,ETC...

A part of me said that yes,soon I can go fishing and the more skeptical part of me told that don't be too excited because every year there will be one heavy snowfall before the "final" Spring,so even this year.
This year has been a bit different then usual there has been many "last" heavy snowfalls and cold,like two last days for example.
Yesterday my car thermometer showed pretty cold numbers,-13.5 degrees.Only thing that said that it's not winter was lack of snow which was quickly fixed last night,from nothing to 10 cm:s snow in couple of hours.
Today my car thermometer showed +3.5 degrees and now writing this there's not much snow left so once again my hopes growing bigger and bigger that NOW it starts.

You can't be sure of anything  nowadays.
Have been quiet busy with customer ties lately so haven't had time to tie too many flies for my own use but at least some new ones like these two topwater flies,have watch videos of popper fishing but I'm not a big fan of popper flies so I tied some different style for my own use,will be tested this season.

As you can see on the Orange fly I have been lucky to get my hands on some dyed grizzly capes from bluedotmediashop.dk,the shop from were I buy most of my materials nowadays.

Wish I had more time to end up all orders so I could focus on my front engine installation because once again I have plans to start my piking season in two weeks with a pre spawning trip before there will be couple of seatrout trips.

When you see these kind of flies dropping from my vice it usually means that a trip to Langinkoski,Kymi river is just around the corner and yes ,so even this time,DH-rods,lines,tippets and big #9-11 reels is ready for action which will be forthcoming Sunday,almost a month earlier than last year.

catch you up later with a rapport,hopefully with some fishes too.

torstai 13. maaliskuuta 2014

Last news update.

Since my last update has happen some things,the GoExpo fair was last weekend which "officially" use to open my spring season,was there tying pike flies and meeting friends.

And of course among all this this fair is a good opportunity to see or test some new stuff too.
I had only one thing in mind and that was to get my hands on the new Big Mama rod from Vision and so I did.Cant wait to go out for some serious piking later on.

Happy family here :)

Also got me new Big Daddy fly line in SloMo action,think I got them all now.

As I wrote I tied some flies on the fair and there has been a lot of tying otherwise too and have been shamefully lazy to add them here on my blog but anyway,here's at least some:

And there is a lot more of them which is not photos of,need to update this area more often too...
Finally,I got a photo from a friend living close to were I use to fish and guess what.... I'm able to go out fishing again soon :)

perjantai 7. maaliskuuta 2014

Memorable moments in one package.

I have had this in my mind ever since my friend asked for some videomaterial of mine to practice with,I thought that I could practice too and now couple of months and many tries and versions later I can finally load up two years of memorable moments in one package.

Please don't judge me too hard,it's my first attempt =D

Tomorrow I'm heading to GoExpo fair in Helsinki to tie pike flies at Espoon perhokalastajat stand.
Weekend after that it's Finnish fly fishing fair.
Just yesterday I heard that I don't have to hurry out yet...