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perjantai 15. lokakuuta 2010

No fishing today.

As the title says there will be no fishing today,WHY?????
Well it´s all about the f%¤#&ing wind 11 m/s,right now it feels like somebody have kicked me between my legs,I just read a report where my friend had a beautiful ma´m 105cm/9,0 kg,and one over 6 kilos.
That report did not ease my burning,but tomorrow morning I will go fishing!!!even if it rain 6 inch long nails from heaven but for now I have to find out something else to do.
BTW here´s picture of the fly that i tied yesterday,think it looks pretty good.

Now I got some flies tied in wich I got huge expections,in other hand also have a feeling that they will deliver some pikes.

And if there´s not going to be any fishing today I think I will start a project that i have planned for a while now.
As i told you few days ago my flyfishing for pike has reached a new level and that also includes tying pike-flies,so i have watched an area here home wich will be sanctify for fly tying only.I will update the project here in my blog with stories and photos.

And here´s a photo from where i have to start.

But first of all i´ll have to change winter tyres to my car and then....

4 kommenttia:

  1. Although hard to cast in, windy days are probably the most productive days to fish on.Yesterday was blowing here 22m/per/sec.....fucking gail force winds and actually had a good days fishing.Today was around 12m per sec and had 9 fish in an hour and a half...2 being around 6 kilos.

    Don't let the wind bother you it puts a good chop on the surface and brings the pike onto bite.

  2. Yeah,i forgot to mention the wind is not harming ny fishing but because i fish from boat and have to drive cross a big area without any islands to protect i feel it´s too dangerous to get out from the harbour :)

  3. Heh, kevyt välineurheilukuva :D Kireitä vaan ens reissulle ja toivottavasti pienempiä tuulilukemia. Itte lähdössä huomenna reissuun, huomiseksi luvattu vain 4m/s, mutta siitä eteenpäin joka päivä n. 12m/s. Kovaa kyytiä tulee olemaan pikkubusterilla... Onneksi ei ole mitään järkyttävän isoja selkiä ylitettävänä


  4. Kireitä Allu sullekin ja vielä kerran onnittelut komeasta fisuista,toiset ne osaa :)