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tiistai 30. syyskuuta 2014

Autumn kayaking.

Among all tying and lectures I have had time for some fishing also.After I became a member of Jackson kayak fishing team I sold my other kayak to a friend of mine and we have done some trips together lately.
It has been very nice to see my friend has become a serious kayak angler and I think some big fishes he has landed lately has only increased his interest
We have had some nice time even if the pikes haven't co-operated with us all the time,It's kinda nice to just paddling around enjoying surroundings and testing different flies and lines,taking breaks on small islets including good food etc,etc.

As mentioned our fishing hasn't been good on many trips which is kind of dilemma,nice to paddle around in sunny weather with no wind or rain but for fishing that kind of weather doesn't fit in at all.
Anyway,the Autumn is on it's way neither we want it or not and while the weather and water cooling down also our fishing has turn to be better and better all the time.

It has been quiet noticeable that from morning to afternoon there has been very little action but when afternoon has turned to evening it has been much easier to find active fish and both of us has managed to land some better fishes,especially last weekend in a sunny but very windy conditions we both got  our better sized fishes in a very short time after hours of no action at all.
Gonna end this post with some random fishing shootouts from our trips,
Hope you can get in he feeling what it is to fish from a yak.

sunnuntai 28. syyskuuta 2014

September fly tying.

A lot of things has happen after my last post,There has been some fly tying including two lectures/ guidance at my fly fishing club Espoon perhokalastajat which I really enjoy,so fun to tie flies together.
Hope to do this next year too.

Also have tied some flies with motto " back to roots" made of an material I used to tie with years ago.
Material is called Body fibre and I still got a lot of it left,think you can't buy it from Finland anymore?
Anyway most of you know I don't like tying these kind of patterns anymore but there has been much talking of downsizing your flies and for that purpose I think these kind of flies are just great.

If everyone would tie only these kind of flies tying material shops would be bankrupt in no time.
They catch fish,no doubt about that but are kinda boring to tie in my opinion,for me tying is 50 % or maybe even more in my fishing hobby so just some of these and then go back on track.

Preparing myself for JKFO in Blekinge and many people praise for a black fly without any flash and of course one had to be tied.

This photo remind me of a conversation we had with some guys on FB.We talked about a fly called "Ålen",a fly which got some big guns on it's conscience,not so long ago a 11,2 kg mam.
This is a fly that has to be tied in less than three minutes so you can guess there's n o time for some fancy dressing here,interesting story and absolutely worth a try.
Couple of flies later I managed to tie


Here's some practice flies,in some pervert way I do believe in these.

And as long as I remember I need to add another SBS video of another fly,this time only with pics.

Autumn is slowly getting closer and bigger fish hopefully coming closer to shore were they are achievable with flies too.
Also time to dig the biggest flies from the boxes,love it..

So far my fishing has been shitty with couple of blank draws or just some small buggers landed but fishing from a kayak leave me opportunity to just take some photos or just paddle around,doing only good for an old fart like me :)

sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014

Kayak fishing,a lifestyle.

As I wrote about three seasons ago kayak fishing turned to my absolute favorite method after a very short time and even if I still fish a lot from boat it still remain No.1 method for me.

Three seasons with three different yaks but this Jackson Big Rig seem to be the best so far built for just fishing with a incredible stability.

Fishing from a yak has change my fishing from performing to more relaxing and enjoying  of  all surrounding too,don't get me wrong here,I enjoy also fishing from boat but in a different way,it's more about just fishing there.
Could put it this way,fishing from a boat is fishing and fishing from a yak is a more comprehensive experience.
In a kayak I see my ordinary spots in a totally different way which is funny because I have fishing same area for years now.
Anyway,I'm now officially a team member of Regional Jackson kayak fishing team and will
meet other Kayak anglers in a contest in Sweden in end of October.
The contest is in southern parts of Sweden in Karlskrona at http://www.pikestrikesweden.com/index.php .
Should be one of the best pike areas in Europe so feeling very excited about this.

Have had some trips done too but to be honest pikes haven't been too much of Co-operative lately.
Actually don't care too much,some days are better and some days worse.
Last Wednesday was pretty good with six landed jacks in two hours.
Made a small video clip of it.Kayak fishing is becoming more to a lifestyle then only a fishing method.


Forthcoming two months will be preparing for the contest but without any stress for success,just waiting for awesome waters,an adventure.