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perjantai 29. lokakuuta 2010

Last Stingers and preparing for the weekend

Today I have tied 2 more flies in replot stinger spirit and I think I´ll have all the colors and color combos I need.
So now I got to find a new pattern to tie,with naturals of course :).Here´s som photos of the last stingers.

The colors are little skewed,the true colours are orange and black,notice the bunny stripes...

And here is the traditional red/white pattern,and again,notice the bunny stripes.

When I was preparing things for tomorrows fishing trip I found out something in my opinion a very strange thing,I dont have a single fly in a pearch way,well,I didnt hesitate for long,took some slinky fibres and took a seat behind the vice and tied a pearch pattern.

Early tomorrow morning this guy will drive to Loviisa and fish the whole saturday and sunday,also going to take my jerkbaits with me even the weather forecast has again promised pretty good weather....for fishing.
Rainy,cloudy,+6 degrees with a mild wind on 6ms,hopefully true.

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