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perjantai 24. kesäkuuta 2011

More Regret tubes.

As I wrote some time ago it´s all about inspiration and to get the right mood and the fly tying seems to be very easy,no problems to choose colours,material ETC,ETC.
Still have time to tie some more before it´s time to jump into the car and go to Lovisa and celebrate the Midsummer with some good food and maybe some good red wine.
Have also fishing in my mind but the wind is still blowing around 10-11 m/s but maybe later this evening and tomorrow when the forecast promising just a small breeze 2-4 m/s,cloudy and no rain--->nice weather for some pikehunt.

Anyway here is three new flies made today and hopefully they will be tested in real conditions later this evening.

keskiviikko 22. kesäkuuta 2011

Finally,a Regret on tube

This Spring/Summer season I have fished 99% with my Regret-flies and I have been very pleased with them,the movement looks awsome and they are easy to cast although their size.
If I have to mention one bad thing with these flies it would be that the hook is too much in front of it so the hooking capacity could be better,that´s one reason the Regret tube saw the daylight,it´s easier to decide in wich section of the fly you want to place the hook.

So ladies and gentlemen,let me introduce you the Regret tube no I.

There will surely be more of these in different colours as soon as I have more time to tie them.
The Midsummer is next weekend and I will probably spend the whole weekend at my cottage,hopefully there will be some fishing too,the forecast says there will be winds over 20 m/s so even my new overclassed line won´t probably help but hopefully
I´m able to test my tube at the weekend.
After the weekend it´s time for my long awaited VACATION !!!

On my first vacation week I will travel to Sweden Karlstad to meet friends but the biggest aim is to eat a pepper steak at restaurant Pråmen.

After that I will spend much as possible time at my cottage relaxing and fishing,hopefully I have more of Reg.tubes tied then.

One good thing with tubes is that it will also solve my leader issue.
I use to go with Pafex Predator wire but have not been completely satisfied with it,after one or two fishing days it looks like a spring.
Have this season tested a new wire called Optima kevlar wire that many people have praised so much,well,I disagree,I don´t feel comfortable using it.
I first used it on my second or third trip and after one fish I had to change it to a new one.
Gave it a new chance last weekend but after just three small pikes it looked like this so I think I that´s enough with testing this wire.

With tube flies I have used Berkley´s nailon coated steel wire attached to a short mono line attached to my fly line so hopefully my leader problems will be solved with this solution.

sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2011

Fishing 18-19.6 Lovisa

Went with my daughter to our cottage late on Friday evening.
We were both very tired so we decided not to go out fishing on Friday,instead we eat some good food and play games for a while before it was time to go to bed.
I woke up early on Saturday morning and look out from the window and noticed a small breeze and heavy rain,well who cares?

While I was eating my breakfast my daughter also woke up and after we finished our breakfast we went out to the sea to do some pikehunt.
Very soon we found out that it would be difficult to get some fishes at all.The wind started to blow harder and the rain went heavier and heavier and after a couple of hours we decided to give up,at least my daughter succeed to land a small one,I had not a single hit on my fly.
When we arrived to our cottage we were both very hungry and on today´s menu was Hamburgers and french fries with Coke.

After that meal my daughter went to fish from the shore and I just had to take a nap.
My "nap" last for five!!! hours but belive me,it felt good.
After some cups of coffee It was time to make a new try out on the sea.
Now my daughter decided not to come with me,it was her time to take a nap.

The rain had stopped but the wind was around 8-10 m/s so I had to find a sheltered place to fish.
After I studied the map I made my decision were to fish.
even if it was a sheltered bay the wind blew pretty hard anyway but there was nothing I could do about it right now.
As I told you some days ago I bought me anew line and I decided to give it a try right now.
The line was ment to my Vision GT4 rod and of course I had forgot to take it with me.
Nothing to do to that either so I grabbed my Guideline LPXe rod and start to fish with that instead.
Even if the line wasn´t perfect for that rod it felt good to cast with such a heavy line in that wind,to be honest the wind hardly disturbed me at all.

The water level was high,the wind broke the surface and I was on place were I usually get fish so I had a good feeling about this evening.
Not too long before the first little bugger came to say hello to my black/red Regret fly.

Two more casts and the second one also wanted to meet my Regret fly.

After these two fishes my black/red Regret stopped to deliver more fishes and I started to change colours after every five casts.
And while I was just fishing without any pressure the sun decided to show some light between the clouds.
Next cast after the sun started to shine I had my third fish at the other end of my line,It felt a little bit bigger/stronger than the two others.

Anyway,had no problems to land this either even if it tried to do some tricks like swim under the boat ETC.ETC...

Have to praise my new Baker pliers,it is so easy to release the fishes with them.

As you can see on the photo my camera has got some damage on my trips before and some photos looks small because it doesn´t always fully open the lens cover.
Anyway,after this fish I had only one hit but could not land the fish so After a cup of coffee I went back to my cottage and after some sauna it was again time to sleep.

Woke up 5.30 am and went immediately out on the sea.
The water level had dropped at least 35 cm:s so even before I get in the boat I knew it´s going to be tough and how right I was,3 hours fishing ,changing colour,size,done all tricks I know but not a single hit was the result of this mornings session.

At least I took some photos of the waters I fish in,as you can see you have to know where you can ride with your boat,if the water level is normal many of these rocks are just under the surface.

Went back to my cottage and made some coffee and sandwiches and went down to the shore to have my breakfast and just relaxed before it was time to once again drive home to that noisy city....

torstai 16. kesäkuuta 2011

Intermission news.

Have been too busy to write anything lately,actually been so busy I haven´t had time to tie a single fly.
But finally tomorrow I will go to my cottage for the whole weekend and the forecasts sounds very promising so my expectations are sky high.

Got my custom line last Monday and can´t hardly wait to test it in real conditions.
It´s made of a Vision ACE running line and Visions DH shooting head with hardly no front taper at all,very aggressive and short.
The weight of the shooting head is around 25-26 grams so its pretty heavy but I think at least my Vision GT4 rod can handle it.

I have also examined the map looking for some nice places to fish from my floating tube.
Talked with a guy who doing a lot of trips with a tube and it would be really great to do some trips with such experienced guy.
Have already found some good looking places for the golden Autumnfishing.

I´m really looking forward for this weekend because I will have my younger daughter with me fishing after a long break due to her teenage intrests :).
That´s all for now,after I finally had an easier day at work I´m busy with babysitting my older daughters cat while she´s at work,but this is really fun.

sunnuntai 12. kesäkuuta 2011

Fishing 12.6 2011

As I told you in my earlier post I was at a barbeque party yesterday so today on Sunday I wasn´t so early out fishing but started from the dock about 10am and went home 5.30pm
so there was a lot of fishing anyway.
Didn´t check out on any forecasts at all but it was almost tropical weather conditions so I was looking for a nice day out on the sea but had not big expectations about play with any fishes,but why not wash your lines and flies while you enjoying the sun.
Anyway,I started as usual in these conditions on the windy side,well...windy meant 3-4 m/s so it was almost calm.
I fished for a couple of hours without a single hit,took a cup of coffee and tried again with smaller flies and faster line stripping but nothing seemed to help.

Also noticed that I was a little bit irritated,not because of the fishless sea but
I don´t know....too many of small things like the line slipped from my fingers in backcast or knots/mess ups on my line or dropped the whole line from my line basket

So,after a couple of hours line wash I decided to check out a small sheltered bay and after 15 min driving and a quick coffeebreak (I drink too much coffee I know)I started my line wash again and kept going for a while when i thought it was time to find out what I´m doing wrong and do something to it.
First of all,I had fished with small flies(4-5 inches long)and changed to bigger flies (6-8 inches).
Next step was to use a sink 3 line to get my flies go deep faster.
I was just about to make my first cast with new specs when it suddenly hit me what was wrong,and it was very simple to see.
The bay where I was fishing was surrounded by trees and I was on the wrong side of it because the sun shined on it from the middle to the shore.
On the other side of the bay the trees made a small shadowed area from the shore to almost middle of the bay.(very difficult to explain in English because of my language skills,hope you understand what I mean).
So before my first cast I drove to the shadowed side of the bay and felt good because my skin was slowly turning red in the sunshine.
First cast and....no,not a hit but a small breeze witch broke the calm surface made me feel hopefull that this will not be a blank draw trip.slowly retrieving the line...was there somebody tasting my fly...no,a stone...or...no it wasn´t nothing.
Second cast,20 meter away close to a bed of reed,immediately BANG,the first fish was landed about a minute from that.
The water conditions was so warm I didn´t play with the fish at all so it would have a chance to survive the stress,took a photo of it in the water and was able to test my new baker pliers,they worked well.

It was a small one but it felt good because I had found fishes and felt it was more than just luck.
After that I changed my fly and my mind was filled with joy.
I fished for a while with nothing to report and decided ti might be time to give up because my skin was RED !!!! now.Changed back to my orange/chartreuse Regret fly and lift the anchor and let the wind carries the boat.
At the end of the bay I get my second for today,this was a small one too and I lift it up from the water just to release it and goodbye,it was nice to meet you....

After that it really was time to quit and once again drive home feeling happy and relaxed.
Funny how some trips just are more memoriable than others even if the fishes aren´t big,even small things can make your day.

Tomorrow I will have my custom line but watching the forecasts it might take some time before I´m able to test it(thunder,rain and wind).

lauantai 11. kesäkuuta 2011

New stuff.

Went today to my older daughter to get her laundry home to me where she can wash it by herself (she don´t have room for a washmachine),went on the same trip to A store in Helsinki called Wobbler and bought me a Baker Hook out plier and a Rapala weighing-bag
(not sure if it´s the right word in English).
I had planned to buy these things for a while now and I decided that today is the day.

I also met a guy Lauri Selenius and I ordered a custom line of him wich I will get on Monday,cant hardly wait to test.
Today it´s time for a barbaque party but hopefully I will be out on the sea tomorrow morning.

That´s it !!!

I can´t understand why I am so stupid that I don´t learn from so many mistakes.
I don´t remember how many times I have tried to tie flash-flies and always disappointed with the result,so even today.

One big mistake was to try to tie these fuckin flash-flies was that I was a little bit irritated because after many coincideces I din´t went fishing today,next try will be on Sunday,IF the weather allow.
Anyway,I made a promise to myself that there won´t be flash-flies for a very long time now.
Here´s a photo of the beauty.

After this shit I took a cup of coffee and decided to just tie some normal tubes but I just wasn´t in right mood so except these two new ones I still have to rely on my old tubes and of course my Regret flies too even if they are a little bit tricky to get deeper,even with a sink 3 line,the water temp has raised to near 20 degrees (celsius) so I think I´ll need to get deep if I want to get somebody to play with.

Well,the clock is 0.40pm witch mean that I have to get some sleep because I`ll have much to do tomorrow.
Hopefully I can write about a fishing trip on Sunday,here is the other flies that I tied today.

BTW as you can see they aren´t ready yet,they still need a epoxy head and some finishing.

maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2011

Fishing 5.6 2011 including tests.

Had a BAD week at work including flagging on Saturday so my brother Janne had a easy gig to persuade me for a daytrip to Lovisa on Sunday.
The weather wasn´t once again the best for fishing but who cares,it was nice to get away from the noisy city anyway.

When we came to the first spot I instead of fishing just listened to to the silence,it was amazing,only a couple of seagulls had their noice somwhere far away.
After my breakfast including sandwiches and a lot of coffee it was time to piece together my rod for todays fishing,I had choosed my Hardy Zane and for my line I decided to start with RIO Scandinavian pike int/sink 3.
Sink 3 because I also had deciced to fish only with my new tubes wich are very light and were we fished was a depth of 2-3 meters so no need for int or floating line.
The water also felt warm so there was no need for too slow line stripping.

Contrary to our expectations our...well...at least mine started well landed a almost 4 kilos and with next cast one around 2 kilos while my brother lost two fishes.

After the sun started to shine the fishing went harder and harder,some VERY small pikes was landed by me but my brother had not a single hit for hours.
There was pikes following my fly but they did not attack them.

Well after many hours my brother dropped the monkey off his back with a monster pike around 300-500 gramms.

Went home around 7.30pm and summa summarum of almost twelve hours fishing was 11 landed fishes a lot of dropped fishes and a bad sunburn but at least I felt rested and happy.
I also made some notice of my equipments,My RIO line is very messy,dont know why but I dont remember how many times I had a million knots to solve out,Visions Big Daddy is a serious contender.
Next thing is about my flies,got an idea how to make these flies better,will show you as soon as i have time to tie some.

torstai 2. kesäkuuta 2011

Testing new tubes in Lovisa.

I vent to Lovisa on Wednesday evening and because I was pretty late at my cottage so I went straight out to fish or to be exact my main thing was to test my new tubes.
As I told you earlier the forecast didn´t promise to good weather for fishing and for a while I was able to do some testing without any fishes disturbing.

After the sunset the fishes activated them self a bit but no one attacked my fly with any rage so even if there was some fishes tasting my flies I could land only one fish.
At least the flies seems to work and thats good.

Woke up this morning before 6.00 am so I was out fishing sometime near 7am.
I had a small breeze helping my morning fishing and I had some contacts but could not land a single fish,I don´t know if it was the hooks (TMC 600sp 3/0)or the lacy fishes
but I´m not concerned for now,have heard reports from some of my friends of lacy fishes so I think my flies deserves another chance.
Anyway,the result for todays six hours fishing was cheerless:after the sunrise the fishing became very difficult,just one landed fish and had no more then 4 or 5 contacts.

Met my cottage neighbour this morning and we talked about were we gonna fish,I had two places in my mind and decicded for one of them and my neighbour who got a very small boat decide for the other wich is nearer our islet and met him again this afternoon and he showed me some photos of two beautiful pikes around 3-4 kilos....
Life isn´t fair......Well,maybe next time.