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keskiviikko 13. lokakuuta 2010

About the Weather....

Hmmm...Yesterday I had a good feeling about the weekend but now I´m not so sure anymore,and its all about the weather.
Yesterday when I examined windconditions for the weekend the forecast was 4-5 m/s and now it has changed to 9 m/s wich is on the margin will there be some flyfishing for Pike.

I´m started to get a little bit pissed of with these forecasts,I mean anyone can do a forecast if you can change it whenever you like.
It could also be dangerous if someone with a small boat think the wind is on a 2-3 m/s and when your out on the sea suddenly the wind is blowing 7-10 m/s.

Okay,nobody can tell if its 8 or 9 m/s but from 5 to 9 m/s the difference is big,its really big.

Well,no more complaints about forecasts,nothing I can do about it anyway.
Thank god it has been a very busy week at work,I just have to think on other things than fishing,also I hate to see time just draaaaaaagin on,its allready wednesday,only two days to go.

My flyfishing for pike has raised to a new level after I bought a new boat and is now more an obsession instead of a hobby.
Have tied just one fly today,but I´m still in the spirit of the Replot Stinger so I Wasn´t on my best,I hope it will delivery some pikes anyway.

BTW,I´m sorry for my bad English,just have to practice.Hope you understanding what I´m writing about :)

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  1. Hei Djuza!

    Of course we understand what you say! (this is for the folks who read you that don't speak Finnish.) :)

    The wind is really a big problem. I was fishing at Tenojoki this summer and during one day, I had a very strong wind coming from the sea upstream... It was a pain in the ass to cast especially with a 14 feet rod... I could not cast the f#@$@$ line. Impossible to fish but ok! the next day I managed to get a nice 5kg salmon on a dark/red fly of my own.

    Next season I will go for pike fishing only!! :D I got my self a new switch rod from Vision the GT four SW 9" 9#. It is already burning my hand to try it.