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sunnuntai 17. lokakuuta 2010

In bad weather

So,as I promised I went fishing early in saturday morning.The boat was in the Water about 7.00 am and I went straight to the spot number 1.
The wind was pretty tricky blowing from my right side and there was several times the fly woosh veeeeeery close.

I fished that spot for an hour and half and got 3 fishes in that time,the size was wery small,but anyway got the game opened,and every fish came with "replot stinger",promised that too :) .
It was really tough weather conditions,8-9 m/s,+3 degrees and of course snow...how else.

Then a short trip to spot number two,it was a total opposite,a small bay were there was just a small breeze wich hardly could make a little choop on the surface,the water temp also raised from +6 to +9.
At this spot I spend almost 4 hours but of course,when it´s enjoyable to fish do you get any?I dont know about you but not me,4 hours and only 1 fish,also size XS.

To get to spot number three I had to cross a big open area in a in my opinion a very hard wind and I have to confess:I was scared,and get wet but at last i could reach the third spot,soaking wet,freezing.
my face must have been blue,I hardly could feel my fingertips,and my second confess:this wasnt either funny or enjoyable anymore,but decided to fish this spot anyway.
After two hours fishing and 4 pikes I thought it was time to travel on to my cottage an start to heat the sauna.Unlike other Fins I usually dont like sauna but this time it felt heavenly,couple of sausages and a couple of beers and a warm bed....that was all I needed,must have felt in sleep before 8 pm.

The alarm clock started to scream 6.30 am and while i was drinking my coffee i planned my trip for today.
The weather looked good not too hard wind,sun was rising and I had a good feeling about this day,well to early i could see.The battery was empty so I could not start the boat,thank god i had an charger so the only harm was that i could not go fishing right away.
After two hours I threw my fly to tease some pikes and with my second cast i got the biggest fish for the weekend 84cm,but after that the fishes closed their mouths or moved somewhere else,I dont now because when I decided to figure it out the boat DIDN´T START !!!!!
After 15 min wondering what to do I decided to call a friend of mine and after an hour he came with his boat and towed me to the pier and i in my turn towed the boat on the trailer and it was time to travel home and write about my little trip here in my blog.

And now I have found out what the hell is wrong with my fuc..ing boat,I don´t want my season to be over already.
I got one week to sort things out so I can go fishing next weekend.

That´s all for now,thanks for reading this,I really aprecciate it:Sorry i dont have any photos to add,I was fishing alone and the weather conditions was so bad i didn´t bother take my camera with me.

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  1. Hyvää tekemisen meininkiä ja tutun kuuloisia veneongelmia :) Itsekin kastunut alkuviikosta joka päivä siirtymissä ja nyt on aika paha flunssa päällänsä. Maanantaina oli vähän tilanne päällä kun koneen polttoainejärjestelmä petti keskellä isoa selkää ja tuulta oli sen 15m/s ja kerrostalon kokoiset aallot pyyhkivät päälle. Ei ollut hauskaa ei...