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keskiviikko 3. marraskuuta 2010

Those were the days.

My plan to go for a pikehunt this weekend went a little bit wrong,I´ll have to work on saturday so I guess I have to take a shrunk trip on sunday,Early on sunday morning with the boat to Loviisa and if the weather is okay I might be able to fish at least for some hours.
I dont know how I will be able to survive the whole fucking winter,I´m almost start to panic allready even if I got some projects to do.

Even if I categorize me to a flyfisher(PIKE !!!)I´m looking forward to start making jerkbaits after a long pause,guess i´ts some kind of variation to fly tying,who knows.
Here`s some older jerkbaits that I have made.

And some more.

And if someone don´t know I also making spoons for pike.
Length 13cm
Weight 40g

And to the last some kind of lures that I don´t do so many anymore.
These are made for seatrouts and suppose to be used from the shore.In my opinion these are the most difficult lures to make,very small marginals from success to a total disaster.
I recommend to make very precise notes with photos if you plan to make this sort of lures.

Sorry,I´ll just have to show you all something made just by whimsy.

I finding it very nice to sit here and watching my old photos and at same time share them with you,hope you enjoy it as much as I.

For the very last photo for today I´ll show you a photo of my very first lures ever.
Completely handmade from a piece of wood with a knife and file.....
Those were the days.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Tosi hianoja kapuloita!! Samoin lusikat!


  2. Nice Lures. Best wishes from Copenhagen.

    (I'm fishing 'flyonly' for Pike this year).

  3. Thnx guys,I have not made lures for a long time now because I´m falling more and more for flyfishing for pike even if I have some plans to go for seatrout with flies this spring also.