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maanantai 9. syyskuuta 2013

Ties and fishing .

Once again I have to apologize for not posting anything for a while even if I have been out there chasing pikes several times.
I spoke a time ago with my friend and told him of my excellent summer fishing and I was joking that when autumn fishing start I will only get small jacks and couple of weeks ago when I was three times out fishing and caught around fifty pikes and even the biggest was small I went a bit worried If it really will be happen until I finally managed to get some decent sized fishes landed too,but mostly small fishes.
Can't wait until water cool down a bit,got big hopes for this autumn.Pretty excited with my new big ties,they had worked just fine so far,especially my herring pattern,on it's first test I landed a 101 cm and a 95 cm and a lot of smaller jacks too.

Then a fly that was suppose to be some kind of pike imitation but ended up like this as a result of some kind of a brainstorm :)

This fly was a real pain in the ass to cast,but I'll judge it later on,it's not meant to be cast out 30 meters.
In late Autumn I prefer short precision casts instead.

Dirty roach,already a legend among jerkbait fishers and after watching Niklaus Bauers tying video over and over I decided to tie my own version of it even if that color has not delivered too many fishes and feel sad to say but even if  this fly has spent a reasonable time in water it has not delivered a single fish yet,still not give up all hope on it,it might need colder water or something...

Then a fly to show you it's not always easy.a rainbow pattern that failed completely,not that it could not deliver but it's not really a rainbow.

I'll have some other ties too but I'll be back to them later on,right now I'm stucked in some old school ties.
Then fishing,have fished a lot lately and landed a lot of fishes but as I told you mostly small jacks,found a illegal net which I removed and took to the shore to be destroyed,I can tell you that the smell was something I will never forget.

there's much going on right now but I'll save something for later posts and put up some fishes and landscapes here to an end of this post and will be back later on :)