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torstai 21. helmikuuta 2013

Ties for spring.

Even it has been a while since my last post I haven´t been lacy,training and more training with my DH rod and I feel that I slowly learning the basics.Hopefully enough I can enjoy my first real fishing with it.
Talking about fishing I have two bookings ready for the forthcoming season.Both for Langinkoski at Kyminjoki,Kotka    http://www.kalapaikka.net/kymijoen-langinkoski_koski-kalastus_ja_lomamokki_tiedot_kymenlaakso_kotka___3127.asp

We have also got a new shop here in Finland   http://www.ruoto.fi/  and it´s simply awsome,much  stuff and high quality including nice and knowledgeable staff,what more could you ask for.

Among all cast training and videos in waiting for some open water there has been some fly tying too,mostly for Seatrouts and Salmon  but I think I have enough of  them for those few trips there will be so I think it´s time to do some new candies for pikes too.