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sunnuntai 17. lokakuuta 2010

About lines in cold conditions

As the titles says I want to say a few words about lines.
For a few weeks I have thought that I have found a perfect line for my use.
I really like Rio Scandinavian pike line BUT.....last weekend I used that line in pretty rough and cold weather conditions and I was wery disapointed with it´s action.it turned from a very smooth,soft line to a inflexible stiff wire wich turned my fishing to hmm....not so comfortable,and belive it or not but I havent still tested my previous favorite Guideline Pike line with myh new Hardy rod so I feel a little bit irresolute right now.
Simon praised the new Vision Vibe 85 line but of some reason I don´t know,I don´t like floating lines(My opinion probably change next spring when i fishin in waters under 1 meter).I tried my Guidline pike floating line and the line stayed soft and smooth,at least smoother then Rio but because I fish in waters deeper than 1m it´s not the optimal line for my use right now.
Guess my next step is to test the Guideline Pike line S2,if that not feels good,then I have to think it all over again.
could it be a shooting head,I don´t know...I like the WF lines better,OMG,am I doing this a little difficult? It´s just that I want to enjoy my fishing.
Well,i guess i have to figure it out by testing,My biggest problem right now is to get my boat working to next weekend.

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  1. Hi Djuza, what size rod do you use for your pike fishing? 9"or 10"?

    On my side, I bought a Vision GTfour SW serie in 9" with a #9 line. it is a fast medium action. Your article is good as I don't know yet what line brand I will use. Shall I go for Vision line or other ones... But I will definitely use floating to start with pike fishing. I hope it is a wise choice. Maybe it is just a question of taste. I know also that water condition matters in the choice of line:D
    For all your readers I advice to check reviews posted by Simon Graham here: http://pikeflyfishingarticles.blogspot.com/search/label/Pike%20fly%20lines
    I am sure you already read all of those Djuza!


  2. Hi Bruce.
    I also got an Vision gt4 #9 and 9 feet but With medium fast action.The rod is very stiff in my opinion but I like it very much in windy conditions.
    As line with that rod I use Guideline pike #9 int/sink 2-3,I haven´t try but I think that the rod could easily handle #10 line too.
    Next lines I would like to try Is Vision Vibe 85 and of course Vision Big Daddy when it´s available.

  3. Hi, both of you!

    I also had a Vision GT4 SW MF and I never really learned to cast with it. My problem was not that it was stiff, It was difficult to load so that I could get good line speeds. I tried many lines with it but still I couldn't find one that suited my casting so I sold it. I built myself a new custom rod from Dan Craft's Five Rivers FT blank. It's a 9wt, extra-fast and tip action rod that can easily throw line weights from 7 to 11. The fast action is what makes it so versatile, all the energy is transferred to fly line if you only do the casting stroke about right. Apart from many other fast rods, it is very easy to cast and I can do the basic 20m cast with 1 or 2 false casts.

    About the lines: I first had a Vision Big Mama which had a few problems. The belly was way too long for pike fishing, it needed a lot of false casting. The running line liked to tangle a lot, especially in cold weather.

    Then I bought a Vision Attack shooting head for seatrout fishing and realized that after some cutting from both ends, it was great for flinging pike flies and I'm still using it as a universal pike line.

    To be honest, I still prefer normal wf-lines as the connection between the shooting head and the running line is always problematic. I have used a fixed connection which works very smoothly but I'm always a bit worried what will happen if the BIG one hits my fly.

    I'm very interested about that Vibe but I have understood that Vision is unable to provide us with any sinking Vibes before the spring. They had some problems with the manufacturing etc.

    I'm about to buy a new sinking line for pike fishing, what do you think about Guideline Pike S3/int or that Rio Pike S2?

  4. I loved Rio pike line until it`s first visit in cold weather,if I get my boat fixed to next weekend I will go to Loviisa and fish,maybe the weather is cold then I can make a opinion on Guidline.
    In "normal" weather I prefer Rio.

  5. Get yourselves some fishskulls from the states http://www.flymenfishingcompany.com/ ,tied onto a fly they add some nice weight to it and can be fished very effectively with a floating line. Have been using this method all Autumn and has caught me hundreds of fish. Don't think pike wont rise for your fly.They will come from a couple of meters below to take it. The vibe 85 even last week at -2'c worked fantastic all morning.