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sunnuntai 25. syyskuuta 2011

Fishing 24.9 2011

Gave it a long tought but finally decided to go fishing to Lovisa on Saturday.The wind blew over 10 m/s,at times around 15 m/s from Northwest so I decided to leave my flyfishing equipments home and just use my spin cast and jerkbait equipments to see if there would be some hungry pikes out there. It was just as tough as I was expect it to be,the waves was over 1 m (3.5 ft) high and even in some sheltered bays I dont think that I would have enjoyed fly fishing. Started to fish around 11 o clock and as I thought it would be hard to find some active fish. It took me almost an hour to find active fish AND the right color for today wich was white/black/red,all fishes except one was catched with that color combo.
I catched 11 xs sized pikes in one hour and suddenly their eating just ended,not a single hit on any lure in any color for over two hours so I thought it was time to give up and go home after just four hours fishing but with this small boat and because of the wind I couldn´t reach all the places that I wanted to.Don´t know for sure but I have a feeling that the big ones were somewhere in deeper waters.The water has cooled down a lot but is still warm,think it´s about 13-14 degrees. The Sunday was a total contrast to Saturday with sunshine and wind 2-3 m/s northwest wind so I made a decision already on Saturday to stay away from the sea and sleep a little bit longer and just rest,I also had some fly tying on my mind,there was some one who didn´t like the idea because she likes to sleep on my tying material.
Well,finally she let me tie at least one fly model Rudolph.
Now there is nothing else to to then to wait for the wind to calm down so I would be able to give them a swimming lesson. BTW This is my older daughters cat Hercules.
Many people has ask me about why he is hairless,if my fly tying has something to do with it.....Well....No it has not :)

torstai 22. syyskuuta 2011

Rudolf the red nose....

No,no,no.Its not Christmas,I just call these new flies Rudolfs because of their red noses.Have already tested the red/white and orange/black flies and they looked good in the water especially the red/white. I´m still testing different materials,have still some issues to solve out with the head of the fly. On the two first flies I used Icelandic sheep witch have a nice move in the water but there are so few color choices so on the olive colored fly I used Artic fox witch has more color choices,hopefully I will be able to test it soon,and hopefully it works. Anyway,as you can see I´ve tied these on hooks,there might be tubes later. One thing I really like about these flies is that they will not be floating on the surface for twenty seconds after your cast,it goes under the surface immediately BUT it will not sink like a stone,it´s kind of slow sink and when not retrieving the line it hover in the water horizontally.It don´t got a up and down movement so it´s very important to use materials with good movement in the water.I have used Body fibre witch has slowly turned to one of my favourite syntethic material,it really looks good in the water.I also tried Big fly fibre but like more the movement on Body fibre. -Tied on a Fulling mill Scorpio 5/0 hook -2 bunches bucktail,one back and one on the middle of the shank -Body fibre (hopefully Nordic Angler will keep this material in sortiment) -Icelandic sheep or artic fox as head (still working on what materal would be best) BTW I love those eyes on the olive one,they look better natural then on the photo.Also from Nordic anglers sortiment.

tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2011

Fishing 17-18.9 2011

I spent 10.5 hours fishing at Lovisa archipelago on Saturday and it felt good,in fact it really good.The forecast betrayed me once again but this time they promised sun,it was cloudy.they promised calm,there was wind round 4-5 m/s. I had a good feeling about this day,and I was right.Got some fishes from every spot I fished,the biggest was 2X 94 cm:s and a lot of smaller ones. Also got one pearch 540 grams,I thougt it would have been heavier because of its length but no...
One thing I noticed was that the pikes were very greedy,I had a several pikes who had swallowed the whole fly/lure,especially the first one after some minutes I didn´t have any choices but to cut the hooks of the lure to get it out from it´s mouth. A very nice way to spent a Saturday,About 20 pikes studied my boat from inside,also checked out some new places.Here is a photo of the "sunny" Saturday....
o So I went home happy and relaxed and decided to do this again on Sunday. So,I woke up on Sunday morning at 6.00 am but instead of snooze I switched off my alarm clock and slept until 9.00 am and was at shore 10.30 am and was a little bit irritated right from the start. My mood didn´t went better while I was closing my car door and at same time made my spin rod 3 ft shorter.......FUCK !!! And today I had my sunshine and a totally calm surface but I decided to try some fishing anyhow. I started in a bay ful of water plants and after a hour I had a fish on but dropped it close to the boat,continued fishing for a while without any contacts before It was time to move on to the next spot. The next spot was a little bay and I anchored in the middle of it and took my fly fishing equipments and started to fishing.It took me almost an hour before I had my first fish landed,a GIANT PIKE;almost 11 inches long.......thank god it was easy to off hook that beast. Well,15 minutes later I felt a heavy attack on my fly,after a minute or two I had an eye contact and I felt YES!!! + 100 cm:s.After some rushes the pike seemed ready to surrender and when I got it right to the boat and was going to grap it it made a loooong heavy dive under the boat,nothing amazing with that except that my fly line had tangled to the trigger of my life jacket.First I heard and felt a WHOM when my life jacket was filled up with air,a second after that I heard a CRACK noise when I cracked my fly rod and of course I dropped the fish.....FUCK !!! At this stage I was so pissed off I decided to get back home,on my way back to the dock I saw a place and stupid as I am i decided to give it a try,I still had one unbroken rod (spin) in the boat. I put a lure on and made the first cast--->the lure hanged up on some water plant or something and SNAP --->a broken line and a lost lure......FUCK !!!!! Now it was time to give up,I went home,straight home without no coffee breaks or anything else either. Today I took my rod to Spey Clave and they will send it to Sweden so I think I´ll have to use my other rods for a while and my Sunday disaster is also the reason why I havent posted anything of this trip earlier,was all to pissed of.

maanantai 12. syyskuuta 2011

Weekend fishing 9-11.9 2011

Have been the whole weekend at my cottage for a very long time,in fact this was the first time this year! I went to my small islet on Friday evening so late it should have been useless to go fishing because of the darkness,instead I had a good dinner and prepared my equipments for the next days fishing. I woke up to my alarm clock 5.30am and had me some coffee and sandwiches. While I was lookin out from the window I knew it would be a difficult day from a fishermans perspective,no wind at all,the surface of the sea was totally calm. Well,I wasn´t gonna let that bother me,not now when I finally had a whole weekend doing something I really enjoy. Jumped into my boat and drove to the first spot.It felt kinda ghostly driving slowly trough the fog on a totally calm surface.
The first spot for today was the small bay called Eldorado.When I came there I first listening to.....the silence,it was so quiet,not even the seagulls had any noise,no other boats ,absolute nothing,god I enjoyed that feeling. Because I knew it would be a tough day I started fish with LURES !!! You get a bigger area fished without moving the boat all the time. This bay called Eldorado was worth its reputation even today but only because I had patience to spend over an hour there before I landed a small bugger. Please don´t get me wrong,I wasn´t in any hurry,it was just that because of the weather I had a small plan to check out some new places today. So,after the first fish it was time to lift the anchor and drove away to check out some new places. I came to a very interesting place with some rocks sticking up from the water and a lot of water plants and of course some big bed of reeds,I was almost sure that this will be THE place for today,well it might have been if the sun just would have stay away for a while...
so,a totally calm surface and some sunshine....not the best options for some serious pikehunt but what could I do about it ? thats right,nothing so just started to serve some lures to them and try to enjoy the sunshine. I also saw a lot of migratory birds moving south away from the forthcoming winter.
God I enjoyed this feeling even if i didn´t get too many fishes,I really love autumn,especially in our archipelago. I fished some new places,got some fishes,not any big ones but it kept the mind up and suddenly when I looked at my watch and noticed I had been fishing for nine hours I felt it would be nice to have something to eat,started the engine and steered my boat back home,but on my way I once again get an idea,I saw a place were I often have passed but never fished before because there is a lot of stones just under the surface and the last thing I want to do is to destroy my engine on them but now I lifted the engine and used a oar to come closer,changed the lure to a Rapala Minnow spoon...Yes,the sissy lure but Who care :). I didn´t made many casts before I felt a heavy tug but lost this one after 20-30 seconds,a quick cast near the same place and this time I was more lucky.Landed a beautiful mam 4.1 kg round 85 cm:s,nice.....
Fished for a while on this place and landed some fishes too,among all pikes a pearch 750 grams. But hey,I was hungry and at this stage I was starving and now it was time to drive to my cottage and have a small steak and some coffee to dessert. I went out fishing for a while after an excellent meal,had some fishes but most of the time I just study some new places and find some interesting places for the later autumn.I went back to my cottage at 8pm,just before the darkness felt over the whole archipelago.
More coffee and watched TV for a while before I went to sleep so I would be at my best next morning. Next morning when I woke up the weather looked far more better,cloudy,windy added with some rain showers,After a quick breakfast I had my rain clothes on and then out to hunt,I had sky high expectations because the weather but after three hours fishing and only one landed pearch I slowly started to prepare myself for a home trip back to that shitty noisy city. If I remember right I landed 14 pikes and 2 pearches and enjoyed every moment of this weekend. Sadly I don´t think there will be any fishing this week watching the forecasts,heavy rain and winds from 10-16 m/s will probably keep me away from my hobby untill next weekend.

keskiviikko 7. syyskuuta 2011

Module flies part I

I had an crazy idea here one day while I was changing a couple of hooks on some lures of mine,I don´t know exactly how many days I kept on wonder and wonder but suddenly the plans were at that point when it was time to try to fulfill them. So yesterday late at evening I took a seat behind my vise and started to tie some new flies. The idea is to tie a small fly,Tarpoon model but smaller which can be fished by itself.
In this version the fly is about 10cm:s (4 inches) I prefer to fish this style when it´s difficult to make the pike attack your fly. Then you Got a option to put a small tube hanging loose on the leader and suddenly you got a fly 15-20 cm:s
By tying 2-3 "tails"you got the basics right.I tied the "heads" on a 15mm long tube.By changing colors/materials on the tubes you have a "new" fly by changing just the head of it.
These flies or should I say this fly will be tested next weekend with two friends to see if there´s any idea to develop them.