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maanantai 17. lokakuuta 2016

Fishing Oct.15 2016

Perfect weather conditions have been very rare lately,just like last Saturday,we came close with not too much wind and clouds but a water level of -60 cm forced me to carefully think about the area were to fish.
I could have choose a lake but for some reason I love sea conditions and after I had changed my mind couple of times I ended up on a place were there's some deeper spots too.
Had no high hopes here,very rare to catch big here but at least there would be some water to fish from.
I wasn't fishing alone today,had a team member from Wildy Fishing Finland with me and one more was expected to meet us later on.
It was pitch black when  we arrived to the shore which was good because we had time to paddle to first spot and be able to fish just before "sunrise" 
Fishing started just as slow as I expected,don't know why but I felt a bit annoyed of it,In summer and warm weather I can take some slow fishing but when it's cold and windy I don't enjoy to be out that much just for fun,I wanna catch.
Don't know how long it took but surely too long before I had a dance partner at the other end of line,at least it was a decent sized but for some reason it did not wipe away my irritation 

After this fish it was slow for a long time,we saw a lot of boats cruisin around lookin for fishes  they too,I'm more for systematic fishing than running from spot to spot like a headless chicken.

Anyway,my fingers were frozen and also overall it was cold so time to take a break in form of coffee and some sandwiches.
More important was to change dry gloves.
Have noticed that thin rubber gloves combined with gloves of wool is a combo far better than all fancy super technology gloves...at least imo.

Not long before I manged to land my second fish of the day.

Before I managed to land this one I had dropped a lot of fishes,same shit continued whole day.
Think I dropped six in a row before landed next.

All takes was so tiny you barely noticed them and both of my friends also dropped a lot.
Eleven hours and maybe ten pikes....I was cold,I was exhausted,I was hungry so I had hopes of a better reward but you know...pikes doesn't always co-operate.

My new Black'n'gold articulated fly and two of my articulated with sculpin heads were most in use of this day so no surprise they delivered most fishes too.
Now I'm gonna tie up some new ideas in a hurry because as it looks now I probably hit the water next Thursday already.
Hopefully water level is more normal then,fingers crossed...

torstai 13. lokakuuta 2016

Fishing Oct.8-9 2016

Even if the wind was insane the need for fishing took a clear win of a tempting choice to stay home in a warm bed.
Weather conditions or shall we say wind conditions wasn't optimal for a fly fisher using a kayak,12-18 m/s combined with a water level at -65 cm was a hard task to beat and most of all it forced me to think outside the box and fish on different spots than usual.
Decided to fish deeper areas,2-4 m sounded good imo and now it was time to put the "Bottom crawlers" in real test.

Fishing those deeper banks in middle of nowhere is boring..until something happen.
I often have to wait long...Cast after cast without any hits but today my patience was going to be rewarded.A heavy hit and after a minute or so I managed to land a better sized Ma'm.
Shame my GoPro cam refused to co-operate but managed to get one decent pic anyway.

Landed only smaller fishes after that,also the wind drove me crazy,too hard to fish so I decided to go back home to see if there was to be less wind next day.

Next day I wasn't excited at all,don't know why...but after some coffee and sandwiches I finally managed to drag my ass out.
forecasts promised slightly less wind and also water level had rise a bit and was -30 cm now,so still very low water.
Day wasn't to start well,woke up early but had a long breakfast and left home about 7 am.
Noticed I was running out of gas and decided to refill before fishing but remember I forgot my wallet at home,FUCK !!!!
Got so many friends and relatives living in the area so I wasn't too worried how get home so I just drove to the shore and launched my yak without problems and started to paddle out.
15 minutes later I arrived to my first spot and not many casts before i had my first fish landed,a jack but game was on.

Couple of casts later I managed to land a slightly better fish and thought I could take a pose pic with a camera of this one but could not find any of my cameras...had forgot them on the front seat in my car.
I had my phone so I could take pics but quality is shitty,FUCK,FUCK !!!

Felt it was time to paddle on,just 2-300 meter further were  i had pretty good fishing but only in numbers.
Then it happen again,had a small jack chin gripped and was just to release him when he rushed away and caused a nasty deep cut on my fingertip,no problems because I do got a first aid kit BUT could find only blisters which wasn't any help at all,wet fingers and heavy bleeding...

It kept bleeding and bleeding and soon I started to feel a bit weak..and hungry,hey,I got a lunch bag with me but forgot it too in the car....
Fished for a while and had pretty good fishing,15-20 landed fishes so it was time to paddle back to the shore where I had a n appointment with my brother and his wife who kindly lend me some money so I could buy some gas.
My yak looked like someone has been slaughtered in it so it need a rinse.

Have to say it was a action-packed day with some adversity too but it all ended up well and I can't wait to get out again.

keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016

Filling boxes between trips.

Funny but true,when fishing is good corollary activities feels better too,like fly tying and blog updates.....

Find it sometimes so hard to get motivated for fly tying but lately I have in fact been very productive.

This color combo has been outstanding on my two latest trips and they both have been destroyed on their first day in use.
A bit boring to tie same shit over and over again but what can I do,if they like it I try to give them what they want.
So,here's one more in almost same colors.

I said almost same colors,i just had to add some new??? holographic brown flash from Hedron to the head on this,blended with some holo olive flash.

Tied a completely new pattern to me too,it was inspired of  Niklaus Bauer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-krKG683-qE  Burbot.

Had a special place in mind for these "Bottom crawlers" and actually I fished with them on that place last weekend but without results.I still gonna continue to test them,got a good feeling of them,thought they would have been a pain in the ass to cast but actually they wasn't that hard at all.

And just to avoid to be bored I tied some more traditional ties too,after ties above these kinda flies are  almost easy to tie.

These "normal" 17 cm sized flies looks so tiny in water after those +35 cm articulated flies with a jumbo slim Wiggle tail,but both sizes have worked fine for me,some days bigger is better and some days smaller are killers so good to be prepared.
Finally a Beast fly which in this color has been probably my most productive  fly this season,think I have tied at least ten of this color combo already.

Almost forgot one fly that I had sky high hopes for but which was a disappointment.
Thought this small fly could have imitated a bleak or any baitfish pikes are feeding of close to surface.
I really gave time on good spots to it but not a single hit on it last trip,maybe will give it another go

Boxes are filled again for the next trip which will be next weekend,hopefully wind will calm down a bit before that and also I would not mind if water level was to rise about 50 cm,it's so low at the moment I need to fish another area if it's gonna stay this low,three or four days to go.

maanantai 3. lokakuuta 2016

Fishing Oct.2 2016

Two awesome weekends behind,was there more to come ?
A question that was in doubt while I was driving to the shore early in the morning,it was cold and very foggy at the moment but forecasts had promised a warm,sunny day with a wind 0 m/s and as a cherry on the cake water level was about -30 cm so you could easily say that all odds was against me.
As usual,when I hit the water it was pitch black,wanted to reach my first spot before sunrise because I had a feeling the day could only turn worse after that.

This time I came a bit late to my first spot,not that I was lazy but I just had to stop for some pics.
Have said it before and have to say again,I'm stunned over the beauty of mother nature,I feel privileged and lucky to be a part of these views.

Well,I was a bit late but it was still dark and some haze when I arrived to first fishing spot.
Feel kinda strange to cast when you don't see the fly well but here the noise it makes in casts.Anyway,not many casts before I had my first fish landed,a nice fish,maybe three to four kilos,a good start.

It's amazing how quick the daylight roll over you,felt like no time when darkness was gone,but it was still very foggy so I believed in my chances to get some fishes landed.

Love the photo above.
Anyway,it felt like nature woke up with the sunrise and soon you could see some awesome jumps when pikes attacked those huge baitfish schools  while they were feeding from surface.
It made also my "job" easier to locate the pikes.
For some reason pikes seemed to be a bit picky compared to other times I made this kind of fishing,but with patience I finally managed to land something.

I could have fish here for some time but wanted to move on to my final destination.
On my way there I almost shit my pants.
You know the feeling when it's calm and quite and you slowly paddling and enjoying all surroundings.
That's what I was doing when I suddenly heard a massive rumble among the reeds,oh fuck,it was close to me..WTF is happening ? felt scary..for real.Before I reacted anymore a DEER rumbling from the reeds just in front of me straight to the water,hard to say who was frightened more,me or him but anyway he started to swim across the bay while I was to find right frequency to my heartbeating.
Was so " in shock" I didn't dig my camera from the bag but at least I took a pic with my phone.

Shame on the quality but it all happen so quick.
Even the fog was almost gone before I arrived to my planned fishing area and I expected fishing to be extremely slow but I was wrong,well sort of......
I had a outstanding couple of hours and landed a lot of fishes,some very good sized too.

After the sunrise fishing went slower and slower,landed a fish now and then but also the size went smaller

I was out for about ten hours and landed 26 pikes which is a good amount imo and even if fishing was kinda slow in late hours of my day I couldn't be anything but happy when I arrived home.

maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2016

Fishing Sept.24 2016

So,after last weekends awesome fishing I had some mixed feelings when I was rigging my kayak on a pitch black shore in a shine of a head lamp at 5 am.
Had high hopes but on the other hand it felt too good to be happen too often.33 pikes on one day doesn't happen every day,at least for me.
Have had a quick breakfast in form of coffee and a sandwich while I was driving so I was ready in just minutes to hit the water,a result of lot of practice here.

My planning for this ordinary Saturday fishing started right after I finished last time fishing.
It started in form of some fly tying,unfortunately I could not tie all the flies I had in mind because the post office managed to lost one of my packages but could tie at least three new flies.

Flies I was missing was some "bottom crawlers" but you all know it isn't too hard to go deep so no big deal,Sink lines and XXL coneheads work too.

Noticed a comparatively hard wind already early in the morning and I knew it was to increase later but didn't wanted to worry about things I could not affect to.

Pretty long way to paddle and even if I had some tail wind it took me about 35 minutes before I arrived to my first spot.

First cast and almost immediately BAM and a big swirl was all I saw and unfortunately also what I got,new cast and this time I managed to hook her up,what a start.

After this I moved maybe 50 meter further,anchored and not many casts before I landed my second fish.(not a monster but think she was the biggest of the day?)

I fished a reed bank about 3 kilometer long and landed a hefty 17 fishes in just maybe one and a half hour,decided it was time for a coffee break,felt I deserved it.

Weather start to be a bit chilly here so I decided to take a walk to get circulatory working again,got some fever and flu so it felt colder than it actually was.

Some of you might know I have travel a lot when I worked as a technical worker for many years,I have seen so many beautiful countries but to see these kinda sights always make me speechless,

For me there's nothing more beautiful than Finnish rugged archipelago at fall,it's just too hard to capture the feeling on pics,it's something that you need to undergo by yourself.

After a break I continued to hammer the same reed bank,fishing became a bit slower so I tried different flies,also downsized them a bit but no matter what,one fly was just outstanding.

At this point the fly looked a bit hammered but still going strong.
Think i was up to 20 pikes landed when my friend arrived and we continued along the bank further up,actually we continued further up so we came to a totally new area and even if fishing had become slower we managed to land more fishes.

Nasty scars on this one.

This was fun even if the size wasn't XL.
I was up to 37 pikes when I decided to go only for size,my friend came behind,I fished from a drifting yak while my friend fished from anchored one,this is a boring place to fish which often result in nothing or big.
Don't know how many casts before I felt an angry take but missed that one a quick new cast and now I hooked her,not a monster but a decent sized at least.

Minutes later I dropped one and soon after I heard some curse words behind me,my friend had a heavy hit on his McRubber but it all ended in a shredded lure and a dropped fish.

I was about to take a new drift but changed my mind and went in among reeds instead,I went a bit greedy here...two fishes from 40......

Number 39 came actually pretty quick but clock was ticking and we were in the twilight already and 5-6 km to paddle,I was hungry,I was tired and my shoulder and my wrist was aching pretty bad,Should always remember to keep those damn breaks now and then,even when fishing is good...
Decided to drift along a reed bank on our way back,very soon my friend landed a fish 6,5 kilo/93 cm  which was the biggest of the day,I felt I was loosing focus because of tiredness,fever and aching muscles,dropped two but managed to finally land my fish number 40

Now it was time to put an end on the fishing and paddle back,it was pitch black when I went out and it was pitch black when I came back,
I haven't felt so exhausted after fishing for a long time,16 hours of casting big flies and almost 17 km paddling nearly killed me.Driving back home 40 km was a pain in the ass,unpack all your gear etc,etc...pheeew...
but after all,I would lie if I was saying it wasn't fun,it really was,one of my fly was badly hammered,actually so bad there wasn't much left of it except the wiggle tail

And of course "Pike fingerz" is a sign of a good day.

Fishing just can't keep going this way,it just have to get at least a bit worse but at the moment I'm gonna enjoy it and have collect some inspiration to tie some new flies and as soon as I get more material I will tie some Niklaus Bauer inspired "bottom crawlers" too.