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maanantai 10. huhtikuuta 2017

Season opener April 8:th

It might have been wise to wait yet another week with the opener but I was stubborn enough to study maps and chat with friends to find some open water and after a week long planning I decided not until late Friday night where to go on Sat morning,I had a few options and choose the one I was sure to be able to launch my yak from.
Sat morning...alarm clock was set to ring 4.10 am and once again I felt amazed how cheery I was.
Made some coffee and food and was on my way long before sunrise.

Weather was crispy,-5 degrees but a light breeze made it felt much colder.
At shore it felt even colder and for a second my thoughts went home to a warm cozy bed but when my kayak glide out for the first time in four months I forgot the cold,instead a wave of happiness just pounced over me.
Because I knew almost every bay was still ice covered  I had set my sights on a cluster of some small islets a bit out from the shore were I thought I would be able to fish.
2.5 km paddling against the increasing wind was a tough task but after a while I arrived to a small sheltered bay were i decided to start,have to mention it was the first time I was here so had no high hopes to catch anything,of course I had no ideas of any hot spots either.
Place looked good,it was much deeper than places I use to fish so I fished almost only with sinking lines,only closer to the shore I changed my setup to a intermediate line.

Feeling of the first cast.....Can't describe the feeling,it felt so good...
The wind had turn to very fresh now so I decided to fish between these islets were it was warm and shelter,also I had some nice sunshine.
Amazingly deep areas in here too,couple of times my 10 m long anchor line wasn't enough so I fished also from a drifting yak time by time.
As I wrote earlier I had no well known hot spots here so I tried to fish very carefully this area and after maybe 30 minutes I felt that familiar feeling at the other end of the line,FISH ON,felt it wasn't a big one but at least I had the monkey of my back.

Quick pic and release,now when the game was on it was time for something to eat.
Sandwiches,sausages and some blueberry mineral water,not much but to sit here at the shore in sunshine listening to the silence makes every meal taste so much better.

Not much more to tell you about,fished,eat and repeat was the name of the game,landed four more jacks which I think is a good result on a place I never been before,took some pics too.

Would have been nice to explore this place more but strong wind and a too short anchor line made me decide not to.
Got some hopes I might get out to my regular spots next weekend but if not,this is a place I gladly fish again,also found another interesting looking place while study maps,so I got some more options to choose from.  

tiistai 28. maaliskuuta 2017

New tying video released

Finally managed to get my thumb out from the hole and made a new tying video.
I love the dirty roach color,have caught me a bunch of nice fishes so I tied a couple of them,ready to to be teared apart.


torstai 9. maaliskuuta 2017

Fly tying continues

When pikes go picky I often try to downsize my flies.Of course I like to fish with Wiggle tails and have tied some with a snap lock on a titanium wire.
Also some with shanks.

I love fly tying and I like to try out new materials which I luckily have been able to do this winter thank's to my homies at Fly-dressing.
New materials enable me to also try out new patterns which is nice,you can create some fancy things with small lightweight pikeflies too.
Sometimes it's just relaxing to tie some basic patterns with a new twist using all these new materials like this Polar reflector flash,awesome to add in between the ties on a basic hollow deciver.

Also I like to use other flash than Magnum flash on my smaller ties,and I have fell in love with a material I actually have had for a while but used it very rarely.Hedron Polarflash got some super nice colors on market like the pearl blue and this dark olive pearl.

With these small twists i think my flies got that little extra "something" in them.
Tied up some basic decievers using these materials,still quick and simple to tie,easy to cast and catch well...I like that.

Still waiting for open water.....got my sights middle of April.

torstai 2. maaliskuuta 2017

Playin the waiting game.

Mother nature playing mind games with us impatient anglers waiting for some open waters.
It has been a pain when todays +4 degrees has changed to tomorrows -15 degrees,also the snow has almost melted only to see that next day we got 25 cm again but nothing to do except waiting and try to find something to do before D-Day which getting closer and closer.
For me it has been fly tying and trying out new materials which I have been lucky to get from Fly-Dressing for test-tying

Got my boxes pretty well filled and I'm really excited for the forthcoming season.
Have had some fun times behind my vise....

The fly above Is a new pattern for me,saw it on   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv423opZhNo&t=7897s
But couldn't tie a similar because I don't got all materials so I had to improvise a bit,came out good enough in my opinion it's a small Fly,much smaller that I use to tie,only 13 cm long and with a XL sized Dragon tail it's just about 20 cm.Tied on a Vision/Partridge Big mama 4/0 hook and a 35 mm long shank.
On Niklaus tie he added Predator fiber as the head but I don't got that stuff so I just tied with Rainy's craft fur instead.
Think I need to tie couple more of these.

Just adding these pics makes me wanna go fishing so badly but while waiting go and check out this one  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHsbQgqARWE&feature=push-u&attr_tag=HoAvFWzG-HA-6 

perjantai 10. helmikuuta 2017

Fly VS Jerk 8 Adventure begin Feb.10

The dust from Perch pro competition has barely settled before it's time for a new competition Fly Vs Jerk 8.

the success from team Vision/Fly-Dressing in Perch pro 2017 has increased at least my hopes for a "flydouble" 2017 with two fly teams involved.

Wanna wish tight lines for all teams but hopefully some of the fly teams will be crowned as winners.

Here's a link to previous seasons  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnDj4GODT_QqRRUGxerCw6i_RRFOVH1kx

torstai 9. helmikuuta 2017

New wiggle tails

Many of you know I like to fish with wiggle tails and have done so now for a time,You probably also know I fish mostly for pikes so size I have used has been XXL,Wide and jumbo slim from which Jumbo slim has been my absolute favorite.

Have heard rumors of new models and colors and waited drooling what it's gonna be,what they gonna look like an most of all,the movement....

With -21 degrees outside I'll have no chance to check the movement myself yet so I have to trust what I have heard about them,movement should be outstanding.
Can't wait for open water to try them out

Something that I am pretty excited about so please winter,could you step aside and let the spring in.

perjantai 20. tammikuuta 2017

Expectations for season 2017

Even if it looks kinda hopeless at the moment I have noticed some signs of hope that we really going the right direction and hopefully we got open water soon.
It has felt a bit strange because I haven't climbed on walls in await to get out fishing as I use to do this time of year,have had so much fun behind the vise tryin out new materials and working on my man cave.
It is a bit early to talk about any expectations for next season but some things has has really worked it's way under my skin....
Things I hope to be able to do next season is definitely to find couple of new spots to fish,already studied maps....Hopefully it will pay of.

Just mentioned that some things has worked it's way under my skin and one and also biggest thing of them is to fly fish for perch.
I would lie if I say that the ongoing competition "Perch Pro" on  Kanalgratis.se Youtube channel has not affected me on that case,especially the performance from the Vision/Fly-Dressing team is really increasing my interest to give it a serious go on the forthcoming season,got some flies tied already.
One episode to go of the competition.
Watch previous episodes,really worth it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J4Ns0GDn-8&t=12s  episode 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcZHzI_fPBU         episode 2
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j31CxtO0Zmo           episode 3

Daniel and Steffan double catch.

Feb.10 Kanalgratis.se is releasing Fly VS Jerk 8 on Youtube which also is a "must see" for me.
Hopefully I get some ideas for my pike season too