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lauantai 23. lokakuuta 2010

How about this one???

Sitting and watching out from the window and I dont like what I see,the wind is blowing about 9-11 m/s,the forecast from yesterday said 2-4 m/s.

Well,back to the days subjects,as I yesterday told you I have now tied a fly with grass protection,the idea is stolen from the Minnow spoon lure,I tied just one because I to be honest dont belive in this one but will give it a chance,I hope I dont drop the fish of my life.

The other new thing on these flies is a small weight in form of the eyes wich mean I will even try Simons way of fishing with a floating line,just bought me a Vision vibe 85 line,got a couple of places were this way of fishing sounds better.
Usually I made the grass protection with a mono line but I wanted to try something diffrent this time.

As my mind slowly but surely turning from syntethics to natural materials these flies are still tied with syntethics because this color combination have delivered a lot of fishes this season,have tied them very thin to get a better movement,hopefully the volume doesnt suffer too much of this.
Stay tuned,tomorrow I will tell you how it works for me......

And now when I´m in the right mood I guess I´ll have to tie a couple more,this time with natural materials.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Nätti perho. Itte kans koitin samanlaista ruohosuojaa, mutta siitä tuli ihan liian jäykkä. Ei toivoakaan kalojen tartuttamisesta niin purin koko systeemin. Nyt pitäisi kehitellä jotain ottivärejä Hollow Deceivereihin huomiseksi...


  2. Joo,mielestäni on myös liian jäykkä.saa nähdä purkaisiko koko zydeemin ennen kun edes aloittaa.
    Vituttais hieman jos joku hyvänkokoinen fisu karkais ton takia