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tiistai 1. maaliskuuta 2011

Waiting for the season opening.

I have not wrote for a while but I havent been lacy,the spring is coming very fast now and I have a lot to do both at work and with fishing equipments,but who care about the work?
I have tied some flies both for spin casting and fly casting.I also found a big box with unfinished jerkbaits and because I´m not able to build my jerk baits always when I want to so now when I had an opportunity to do so I have spent some times with them too.

Here is an old model I finished yesterday.I call it Digger.
Its 25cm(10 inches)long and it weights about 110 grams,I also put some Raccoon-zonker
on the tail(very suprisingly).
The hooks are 4/0 sized VMC triple hooks.

Both me and Jabala(Freaky pike on fly)are moderators on a finnish fishing site called kalakaverit.fi and I read an very interesting story of Jabalas way to tying
slinky fibre,and by putting some material with more movement in front of the fly it at least look good,in my opinion much better then a fly with just slinky.
I think this will be the way I will tie my slinkys from now on.
Dont now why but I got big expectations from this one.
Suprisingly the material with the movement is......yes..RACCOON

And as I told you in my last post I bought some Eumer pike tubes from Helsinki boat fair I tied one more of them too and you´ll never guess what material I used......

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  1. Good flies. I hope you good pikes.