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sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011

Weekend disaster and fly tying.

Oh no....A slight setback in weather conditions,about 2 inches snow at the weekend.
Well,to be honest the whole weekend was a disaster starting with saturday wich was a flagging day here in Finland,woke up 3.30am and starting to flag 04.00.

4 hours and 54 flags later went home with aching feets and arms,and just when I was suppose to take a nap the snow started to fall.
Went back to work at 3.30pm,it took over 5 hours to collect all the 54 flags and after that I started to plow some snow but because the snow just kept falling I founded it useless to go on anymore on saturday.

This morning I woke up by my alarm clock at 4.30am and let me tell you I felt slightly PISSED OFF while driving to work....on a sunday.
So plowed rest of the snow and sanding,it took me 12 hours before I was ready so you can understand I dont have more then two new flies to show.

The first one is coloured traditionally orange/black.Added some wider flash wich I regret a bit,I like the thinner more.Hopefully it bother just me

Then to the other one,I still call it to regret pattern even if it´s tied in a different way then the others.
The Big fly fibre is still there but instead of a dubbing brush I tied some Ice wing fiber straight on the hook.

And it looks like this,at some flies I feel it might look better.

And more diffrences is 3 bunches of Ginger coloured Bucktail and now finally I remenbered to add 4 Microbarbs and due to the olive coloured Raccoon I decided to add more flash on this fly.
Also added some red Artic fox and steelgray Polar fiber to the head.

With all these changes this Regret looks like this:

Sorry bout the bad quality of the photo,I´m jut too tired to focus right now.
Right now I need some sleep and hopefully Be more zippy then now.
This is a weekend I want to forget ASAP

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  1. GREAT fly I just picked up some ice wing today to try. Great blog! You got a new follower