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sunnuntai 20. helmikuuta 2011

Eumer tubes.

very freezy conditions in Finland right now,-27 degrees at 06.00 am,but inside me is burning,I WANT TO GO FISHING !!!
I was yesterday on a boat fair in Helsinki and I have to admit that if I had unlimited cash I would propably get rid of a big amount of money on that fair,
but because I dont have it I just looked around and did some day dreaming.

There was some stands where they sold lures,reels and other fishing equipments and one thing is for sure,I cant just look at them,so I bought me a box of jerkbaits,
a T-shirt and some Eumers new tube fly kit for casting.I bought the 2 biggest sizes.
I´ll think they can be useful after a couple of months.
Very easy/fast to tie and at the video it looks awsome.
I tied one for fun.

The fly is about 30cm long and the weight should be around 35-45 gr.
Here is a photo of kits.

If you are intrested so from youtube (eumer spin tubes)you can watch these flies in action.
Here is the rest of the stuff that I bought from the fair.Except the flies I dont know if I ever going to use these,if not then my brother vill have them on birthday or so.

The next fair will be Go expo in Helsinki 11-13.3 and I´m living in a hope to get my hands on the new Vision big daddy rod and line,at least to try them....and if I dont get them there I´ll have to wait for the fly fishing fair in Tampere 16-17.4
and hey.....after that the season might get started......Oh goooood I dont want to wait.

And of course I´ve also tied a traditional fly too,after all fly fishing for pike is my main joy.
And finally I tied one with craft fur.I think it looks good.

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