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keskiviikko 9. maaliskuuta 2011

Tying different patterns

While waiting for the Go Expo fair in Helsinki were I´m going to Work for Espoon perhokalastajat the whole weekend I have tied a couple of new totally different looking flies that I´m used to.
The first one is fly that i saw on a Finnish flyfishing site and immediately get inspirated.
It doesn´t have much of volume so it´s effect is more based on it´s movement wich I hopefully get with those microbarbs and a YES...Raccoon zonker strip.
The rest of the fly is tied of bucktail and deer hair and is tied on a TMC 600sp 3/0 hook.
Here is two photos of it both wet and dry,the fly looks totally different.
The movement looked good even if it´s tested just in a kitchen sink

And to the second one.
For this one I´ll found my inspiration from one of my favourite movies Fly VS Jerk extended version were Nikolaus Bauer from Sweden ties a very good looking fly with a tail of big fly fibre,then added an dubbing brush(home made),two bunches with bucktail(yellow,orange)and finally added some guess what....red raccoon strip.

All this was tied on a TMC 911s 3/0 hook and in my opinion this one looks awsome.
It´s 25cm long but I dont think it will be difficult to cast,it´s pretty airy.

I just have to tie some more of these in different colours,definetly one of my favourite patterns beside replot stingers.

Also decided that I´m going to give Partridge AD Swier hooks a chance this year even though everybody seems to dislike them.
Fulling Mill scorpion hooks may alaso be on my test list this season.
Well,thats all for now,see ya soon :).

2 kommenttia:

  1. Your going to loose a lot of fish with the Ad Sweir hook Mate!

  2. Thank´s for the tip,thats all I´ve heard of it.
    It´s just i would to find a hook with a bigger gap then 911s,also want a shank long as 911s.
    guess I´ll need to figure it out in some way.