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perjantai 11. maaliskuuta 2011

A tutorial to Regret.

Now I have found a pattern exept the replot stinger that I really like and I will call these flies simply to Regret.
I´ve also made a small tutorial of it:

1.First I tie a loop of mono fishing line 0,70 back of the hook.

2.Then a bunch of Big fly fibre.

3.Before step three I´ll make a dubbing brush like this:

4.And after tying it on the hook it should look like this:

5.Now its time for the first bunch of bucktail.The firstone should be a little bit bigger then the second:

6.Then the second one.I don´t use hollow style.

7.This step is not necessary but I use it because I feel it´s easier to tie the next step.Tie some wool yarn on the rest of the shank to get it easier to tie the raccoon strip.

8.Now it´s time for the Raccoon zonkker strip.I use to comb it first to get rid of the wool that lies on the bottom of the strip.

9.After tying the zonkker strip it´s time to whip finnish and do a epoxy head and the fly is ready:

I´m using super glue after every step to secure the tying,think it´s necessary with this pattern,otherwise the pikes will tear it apart

I also use to cut a little bit of the big fly fibre and taper it,and also I use to add some flash.
One thing that I forgot to mention is that I use only quality bucktail to these flies.
And before the season opener you will definetly see more of these flies in different colours,here is to start with:

Well now the time is 11.04 pm and tomorrow will be a tough day at the fair in Helsinki so I´ll have to get some sleep so good night to all of you.

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  1. Kultalonkeronko voimin noin hienoja perhoja valmistuu? :D


  2. Allu:Igorsia lainaten niin ihan vaan lääkkeeksi :D.
    On muuten hyvää.

  3. Hi Djuza, I really like this pattern, and I will definitely try it out. Thanks for sharing. And I must say that all the ice and snow you had this winter in Finland, may not have improved your humour, but it certainly improved your tying skills! :)