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tiistai 22. maaliskuuta 2011

Dubbing brush tests part II

So,now I have made some tests with different materials and I ´ll have a strong feeling that this will be a usefull tool,BUT....Need to handle these issues first:
-Spinning the brush.This is the biggest issue right now,the dubbing tool doesnt work in a way that I want.Got allready a plan to solve it.
-The hooks are in different position to each other.This is a easy problem to solve,changin the hooks place and it should be a done case.

Anyway,I think that after some practice with the amount of different materials the rest of all issues will be solved.
here is a couple of photos of brushes done with different materials.
Lets start with Marabou:

And the second one,a not so ususal combo,Icelandic sheep and slinky,added some black flash:

They look more like the beast rather then beauty but after some practice I think it will turn around.

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  1. No offence, Djuza, but I’ll stick to my own method for the time being, and let you experiment a little longer before I try to copy your machine. :)
    Your brushes look great, but for now, I don’t see any advantages in the way of making them.