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torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2011

Fill the boxes

The mail man brought me an envelope and I´ll just have to thank the Mistpool store,unbeliveble quick delivery wich I feel very important now when I´m in mood for tying.

Yesterday I tied a can we say traditional red/black combo in Regret pattern.

And now when I get some more of Big fly fibre there will be more of these,at least
There´s some ones to start with,got also some special colour combos in my mind.

And with the new colours it was today time for a green nuanced one,here with a dash of grey and white added.

Added also some bronze coloured flash in this,think it´s look good.
After the fly was ready and I examined I felt that some microbarbs would have suited in there nicely ,well maybe in the next one...

Anyway,the first box has been filled up with Regrets and the second is on it´s way.
It feels very good to have a lot of boxes full with flies that you really trust.

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  1. Wow, those will be real killers as soon as the water gets rid of its ice cover. Those pink/white, orange/yellow and red/yellow are my favorite color combinations for spring fishing, especially the last one with black stripes.