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keskiviikko 16. maaliskuuta 2011

No regrets about these Regrets

Still tying this pattern and have to say that I´m very satisfied pleased vith both colours and specially the movement,tried them in my friends bath and in my opinion the movement was awsome,guess I´ll have to try to get a video of it.

Now my expectations raised to heaven,and of course I was forced to order more different colours of Big fly fibre,some Bucktail wich I´m in fact was to a shop and choosed some good pieces so there will be more to come as soon as my materials arrive from my local post office.

Well,the flies....
The first one is a chartreuse/orange combo,even if it might look yellow,yuo can blame my photo shooting skills for that.
And as all exept the first regret is tied on a Fulling mill Scorpio hook size 5/0.

And the second one.....
Actually it´s not looking the way I meant,my plan was to make a simple one coloured white fly with a dash of some blue/pearl nuance but as so many times before in the middle of tying I changed my mind and added some grey Raccoon at the end.
Anyway,I think it look good anyway.

Testing in a simple bath made also my imagination flow a little bit.I could almost see a 45 inches/ 25 lbs pike following my fly
Perhaps after a month or so it might be reality......Cheers.

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