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torstai 3. maaliskuuta 2011

Some thoughts about hooks.

Tomorrow I´ll be a owner of a Vision Big Daddy fly line,finally it has arrived to my favourite shop Spey Clave in Helsinki,so now it´s only the rod thats missing,well the fair is coming closer,two more weeks to go and hopefully I will be a owner of that too.
Me and some friends had a very interesting conversation on kalakaverit.fi about pike hooks.
Now when I think it sounds very strange that I have wrote about Rods,reels,and lines,and of flies,flies but not of hooks.I´havent fly fished for pike so long that I could say that I´m an expert but reading from internet and asking from friends about their experiences Í´ll get started.
Now about two years later I´ll have some favourites.I havent made any scientific experiments but there´s one fact i`ve noticed:
With TMC 911s 3/0# I have landed most fish,dont know why but it´s a fact and thats the reason it has become my favourite,I also like the long shank,room for more material when needed.

I´ve also use Mustad 34011 or Mustad 34007 as reserve,These hooks has same profile but 34011 got longer shank.
For smaller fly size and lighter line class I use TMC 9089 #2,The gap is big as TMC 911 but is much thinner and lighter and also got a shorter shank.Even if its thinner it´s strong enough.

And from Simon Grahams advice I have also tied some flies on a totally different hook,a very short shanked hook called TMC 600sp,this is a hook that I before used only on tube flies but I like to do some experiments with some short shanked hooks too.

My latest hook test is Daiichi 5426 #1 SW-hooks but more tests with these will be done later on when the FUCKIN ICE has melted.
Here´s a photo of the hooks that I use:

TMC 911s
Mustad 34011
TMC 8089
TMC 600sp

I´ve also tried some Varivas hooks witch I didnt like,Mustad 840??? but It wasnt made for sea conditions(saltwater)so they rusted very quikly and went very bad looking,Sad because i liked its profile.

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