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lauantai 12. maaliskuuta 2011

Go expo fair 2011.

So the first true spring sign Go expo fair is over.I was there workin with my fly fishing club Espoon perhokalastajat.Saturday wasn´t so bad exept my hangover,tied some flies size 10-12 and after hook size 5/0 it wasn´t so easy but after a couple of training flies they looked at least decent.
The aim with this tying was to give people without experience a chance to try tying and fly casting also.
I´ve also met some friends on saturday and here I´m tying a fly with one of them.

On sunday there were more people and I didn´t had time for too many breaks,I tied flies in 3,5 hours without breaks and have to admit that it was tough,at times there was some kind of line-up of people waiting for their turn.

Well later on afternoon I had time to check out the presentation and straight away to test the Vision Big daddy rod and due to the big expections it was a disappointing experience so no deal on that,I like my GT4 more.
At least I bought something,like a new scissors and some tying material,and finally I found the very much-vaunted Optima kevlar line,so bevare Predator line.

And as usual,after the fair the burning for the season opener is almost driving me out of my mind but talked to my friends from Salo and they said the Ice is around 45 cm thick and here near Helsinki the snow conditions hasn´t went much better then on the photos couple of weeks ago so while waiting I´ll guess I´ll just going to tie some more of these Regret flies...

Here´s one with a very fresh Epoxy glued head.

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  1. What the heck are those materials? Multi-coloured rabbit zonkers? Anyway the fly looks really nice and the colour combination is one of the best there is :)