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sunnuntai 27. maaliskuuta 2011


Okay,the weekend came,was and went.And as usual it was all too short and also as usual my plans to prepare my reels rods and lines for the opener was ruined but as I look out from the window and see the god damn fuckin snow falling down I guess it doesnt matter for now.....SHIIIIIIITTTTT !!!!!
Last year I made my first trip in middle of march to central Finland.
The first REAL trip was 8-9 may when I was targeting pike.Looking at the ice conditions now it´s going to be a though game if I want to make my season opener at same date.
For the next year I´ll just have to buy some icefishing equipments,this fuckin snow and ice is really makin me loose my mind.
I´m so pissed off i could bite my pinkie off me.

But as usual.....what the hell can I do about it?Thats right,nothing.
Nothing else but to take a seat behind my vice,have a cup of coffee,a glass of some good and expensive cognac,tie some flies with no hurry.Examine your flies and find new models,materials,colour combos etc,etc...

The winter is absolutly not funny but always try to think that things could be worse,much worse.

And finally after my complaining moment I think it´s time to introduce my weekend flies:

3 kommenttia:

  1. Nice flies, Djuza! I see you are starting to tie different colour combo’s as well, I especially like the first one. And I understand your frustration, but once the ice is gone, our waters in Belgium are mud pools, compared to the beauty and richness of the waters you have in Finland!

  2. Hello, very nice flies.
    Patience for fish. Here the winter has returned.

  3. Wow really like them. Very fishy.