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maanantai 7. maaliskuuta 2011


Unfortunately my flycasting skills is not very good so after a long cold winter I really need some practise before the season opener and at the weekend I got got my daughter with me to a very windy field were we spent almost 6 hours practicing flycasting with different lines from #5 to #9.
The weather was sunny but the wind made the conditions freezy and without a couple of thermo bottles with coffee our practicing session would surely have been much shorter.
Even if it was "interesting" to cast a class 5 line in that wind the most waited test was my new Vision Big Daddy line with a Vision GT4 MF #9 rod and I´ll have to say it felt good,in fact very good,the short very aggressive front taper works very nice in windy conditions,cant wait to do some tests in little warmer conditions.

Anyway,the spring is getting nearer and nearer each day and so is the season opener.
One of my fishing mates from kalakaverit.fi caught this weekend a beautyful ma´m 108cm/9,0kg:s wich I have to say not really eased my burn.
I have also tied some flies,this time on a TMC 600sp 3/0 hook,heres one of them:

I think it looks good.

and finally some photos of our sunday practicing,and as you can see the snow conditions it will still take some time before I can send you some photos of real action but sooner or later the day will be there.

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  1. we must go fishing together this year Djuza.either here on the island or down towards your place.

  2. Yes,that would be great.
    Springtime in Lovisa and autumn on Replot?