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sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2011

Season opener 2011

So finally after five long months I´ve got my season opened 30.4.
Not much to tell you about I´m afraid.I went to my cottage on Saturday morning and turned on some heat to get the house warm and dry.The winter was still there with some ice on the shore and even if the sun was shining the conditions were freezy.Just when I was gathered my rods it started to snow,after a while it turned into a massive hail.
It lasted for an hour or so and ended when the ground was totally white.

For a couple of weeks ago I promised that I´m gonna open my season even if it rains nails and so I did.
The sonar showed 7-9 degrees (celsius)water.temp,dont know the air.temp.
Some wind,maybe 6 m/s or so.
Had also read some reports that the spawning is on so I had not a single thought about getting any fish.

When I came to the first place I heard some noise in a bed of reed and yes,the spawning had started.Even if the water was muddy I saw several pikes close to each other propably having some fun.
I didn´t want to disturb them so I decided not to fish,instead I could take a photo of them,IF I had camera with me,oh fucking yes,I´ve forgot my camera at the cottage.

Left the first place without any kind of fishing and while driving to the second spot the wind started to blow harder and harder and of course a heavy rain should be included,fished for an hour without any contact with any kind of fish.

The wind was tricky,blowing from my right side and after the fly hit my neck for the second time I decide to stop before something worse happend.

I woke up 6.30am this morning and the temp was 0 degrees with a wind about 10-11 m/s so I decided to wait for some time to see in witch direction the weather conditions should change,and they turned worse.

I tried to fish from the shore but the wind was so hard that I didn´t enjoy my fishing at all (too much work to get the fly out)so I decided to stop.

You might get the opinion that everything went wrong on my opener but I feel very relaxed after this weekend,I didn´t had any expectations so I´m not disappointed at all.
Will propably do some shorter trips next week,hopefully the spawning is over next weekend,if it´s so I hope to get the monkey of my back then........

2 kommenttia:

  1. At least you were able to throw a fly into the water instead of your backyard! :)
    I’m leaving on Tuesday to the Belgian Ardennes again, although I will fish mostly in France (which is just 1 km away). Over there I can already try fishing for pike (in Belgium, I have to wait till June).

  2. Hi Stefaan.
    Yes it was very fun even if I didn´t get any fish.
    Looking forward to go fishing next week IF the spawning has come to it´s end,(not going to catch spawning pikes)
    And tight lines to you on your trip,waiting for some good reports :)