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perjantai 27. toukokuuta 2011

Trip 27.5 with nag nag

Was this morning 8.15am out flyfishing for pike at Lovisa archipelago.The weather was almost excellent with air temp 8-9 degrees,cloudy and a wind around 5-7 m/s.

Even if the weather was fine and I had four landed fishes I feel pissed of.
You might wonder why,let me tell you:
First of all I´ll propably have to take a break from fishing untill I´ll have my fractured rib fixed,cant go on like this no more.
I fished for six hours and while I drove home I felt that something was wrong.

every curve or hill,even those fucking potholes on road made me gasping for breathe.At one moment I thought that I wont make it but as i wrote some weeks ago:life is hard but so am I,so here I am writing at this blog anyway.(just kidding)
Dont want to go to a doctor this evening waiting for hours among all drunks and drug addicts so it has to wait untill tomorrow.

I tested my Flash regret with sky high expectations but the action in water....
Well it reminded me of a drill,or a nail,I cant understand how I failed so totally.
The flash had no movement at all.I HATE FLASH !!!!!Well,it might,just might be something wrong with the tyer too...Who knows.

Because I was alone and the fishes was sized xs I released them in the water without any photos but I took some photos from the waters where I use to fish.

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