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tiistai 3. toukokuuta 2011

Little bit of this and that

Haven´t felt so relaxed in many months than I feel right now,the reason is that I was able to fish last weekend and I´m going to do the same thing tomorrow.

Me and my brothers are going to launch a smaller boat at Lovisa tomorrow and that boat will stay in water untill autumn,it also allow me to do some small trips even after work.
It will be much easier now to do some "ex tempore" trips when the weather is fine or if you just feel to go fishing for a couple of hours after work when there is a boat ready waiting in the water.
Last season I always had to wait for the weekend exept my vacation when I spent three weeks at my cottage.

Trained yesterday with Water silk and Congo hair and slowly but surely I learn to use these materials too.
Here´s one with a stomach of water silk and the back is Congo hair blended with Slinky fibre.

Ordered some new material from Nordic angler called body fibre,it should be like Slinky but in a length of 35cm,sounds interesting.

Well what more cuold I tell you ? Yes,I decided to build a wire for bait fishing and I took my tools and start working,bought me a plier a couple of weeks ago,they were cheap.....and I could also call them useless shit.

And finally some Pics from last weekend,my daughter had a camera with her wich I didn´t knew anything about.

In the the last photo you can see the sun is shining but under that dark cloud it rained heavily.

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