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torstai 19. toukokuuta 2011

Beauty and beast

Bought me a Big Daddy sink line today so this weekend I will be fishing and fishing and maybe I will be fishing too.You might wonder why I am so excited about just this weekend,well,it´s because I also bought me a beauty and a beast in same package and it is a Guideline LPXe RS V2 9 feet class 9 rod.
The white colour looks awsome and I can´t describe the power in this rod.

It feels....cant find words but it´s awsome,it got a fast action so need to be carefull with the timing in double hauls but when you got the timing right then.....

The Big Daddy line fits to this rod like a nose to a head what a wonderful combination,still gonna test my Guideline Pike line also.

Well,now when I have praised something it´s time to critcize something.
I wrote about the angry pike around 3 kg:s witch raped my fly,broke a lock and almost cut my kevlar wire,I examined the fly today a little bit better and found out that the fish not only raped my fly,it also bended the hook,don´t know how,had the same hook (Fulling Mill Scorpio 5/0 )with the other fishes i got and they don´t have any damage at all so I will propably go on with tying on these hooks in future.

Have surprisingly been busy at work so there hasn´t been much fly tying this week but here is at least one Regret in olive/red colour combo wich has delivered some +100cm fishes,hopefully it will work for me too.

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