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maanantai 16. toukokuuta 2011

Two trips.

Sorry for not posting anything for a while,I have been very busy at work BUT I also took time for some shorter trips.
last Tuesday 10.5 I was for a 4 hours trip to Lovisa archipelago in sunny and almost windfree conditions,not the perfect weather for fishing but I decided to try anyway.

Not much to tell you about I´m afraid,after four hours fishing the result was three small fishes,the biggest was around 1 kg,maybe 1.5 kg:s.
Anyway it was relaxing anyway even if I got my first sunburn for the year,my nose and cheeks and even my forehead had a new nice red colour when I arrived home.

Once again I tested every Regret-fly from my box.

I fished the whole trip with my Vision GT4 rod+Vision Big Daddy int.line,I really like this combination,so easy and smooth to throw those big flies,gonna buy also the sink version.

Last weekend I planned to spent on my cottage but was so tired on Friday so I decided to have a good sleep between Friday and Saturday night so I went away on Saturday morning.
While I was driving to Lovisa I was a little bit worried about the wind.
the forecast talked about a windspeed round 17 m/s and I was very surprised that for once they where right.
After some difficulties I finally arrived to the islet but to go fishing...no fuckin way !!!
For the first time I was scared in my new boat in those weather conditions.
Well,it felt hard to just waiting for the wind to calm down,there was nothing I could do so I examined my fishing equipments and just rested and relaxed with sauna and a couple of beers.

Late on the Saturday evening the wind started to calm down and on Sunday morning at 6.30am when I woke up the wind was tolerable for some fishing and after my morning coffee I was at 8.00am at my first spot washing my lines and flies.
I don´t know if it was because of the yesterdays wind or what but after 4 hours fishing the result was just one hit witch I couldn´t land but I felt relaxed so my weekend was succesfull anyway and I will deffinately do some short trips after work later this week now when I dont have to launch my boat every time I want to go fishing.

I have also tied some flies and while I was fishing I got an idea of a new colour combo to my Regret pattern.

Finally a photo of the sea when the wind has started to calm down.

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