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lauantai 7. toukokuuta 2011

Third time lucky

Today was my second trip after the season opener,I was on a couple hours trip last Wednesday but it was a stylish blank draw as the opener.
I woke up early this morning and was at 8.00am on the first spot.
It was a beautiful morning with sunshine and a small wind round 3-4 m/s,the air temp was 8-9 degrees,I don´t know about the water temp but it was cold.
I don´t know why but I wasn´t concerned about the sunshine at all,in fact I felt very optimistic about this trip.
I had only two boxes with flies with me:one box with Replot stingers and a box with Regret flies.
For the rod i had chosed my Vision GT4 SW with my new Big Daddy int.line.Don´t wanna bring so much stuff with me for a day trip.Well...I could have some use for a floating line too....

I heard noise from the bed of reeds so I think the spawning was still on but I´ve also noticed that small fishes "jumped "on the surface now and then so there might been some hungry predators too,Now it was time to put my Regret flies in a real test.

I fished for an hour or so enjoying the sunshine and I have to say that the new Vision line is absolutely fantastic,my Regret flies are big and wind resistance but you can get them 20-25 meters out with ease so I really enjoyed my fishing.
Suddenly 10-15 meters away from me I saw many small blank fishes came up to the surface and jumped around like they were escaping for something,a quick throw where they jumped and there was my first hit but I couldn´t land it,a new throw and BANG I´ve got it.Unfortunately the hook broke it´s gill and it was bleeding so heavy so I couldn´t release it anymore so I´m going to eat some fish today and tomorrow,the weight of the fish was 3,2(3,19)kilos.

Well,the monkey was of my back so now it was time for a coffeebreak.
While I was enjoying my coffee I heard some splashing here and there,not only inside the reed so at least some of those Pikes had finished their spawning.

Time for the second round,I fished for a while when I felt someone attacked my fly hard and determinedly,this one fighted much harder then the first one but after a couple of minutes it had been inside the boat for a photo and some specs and finally been released.2.7 kg/70cm was the specs.

This one totally raped my fly so I decided to change it and was very lucky to do so because the lock was broken and also my Optima kevlar wire looked pretty bad.

Wonder what would have happen IF there has been a +8kg fish,this was only 2.7kg.
These were the new locks that I decided to test belong my reliable Berkley´s snap locks,well this test ended right now !!!

After I changed the whole leader I decided to change to spot number two but there was already a boat and number three didn´t deliver anything so I came back to my first place and decided to spend the rest of the day here.

I fished for some time without any hits,just testing my Regret flies and even if they are my own I just have to praise them a little,the look simply awsome in the water,I feel much more comfortable to fish with flies in wich you have some trust.

I was just testing my flies when suddenly A train swallowed my fly and took it away 25-35 meters away from me.I felt that this one is big,really big.
The train swimmed to left,then to right,away from me,at me,there was nothing I could do,and when it swimmed under the boat I was sure my rod will break.
My rod has never been so bended before,just when it started to have some noise from the seams i just had to ease the pressure on the fish and that relaxed the fish also a bit.
It took at least 6-7 minutes before i even had an eye contact with the fish and under the fight I had a dream of a +10 kg:s,well,I have to admit it was a small disappointment when I saw the fish first time,+10...no,not even close,maybe 4kg:s.

At this stage my opponent was ready to surrender.
The weight,length and a photo and finally back were it belongs.
Weight was 4,84 kg:s,length 86 cm:s and the photo:

The photo looks like shit because I was alone,hard to take some nice photos of your catch if you got the fish in one hand and the camera in the other.
Tomorrow I gotta go to work but perhaps on Monday evening you find me again doing some pike teasing.....

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  1. Very good pikes

  2. Thank you guys,it really felt good,waited for this moment for five long months :)