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sunnuntai 29. toukokuuta 2011

When inspiration hits.

There wasn´t fishing in this weekends program because of my rib wich is still aching so I have entertain myself by watching Fly VS Jerk parts 1-3.
I have to say that I really like those movies,everytime I watch them I get some ideas or inspiration.Last time I watched part one I saw Niklaus Bauer tying a fly wich was a inspiration to the Regret fly.

This time after I watched all parts I opened http://www.flydressing.se/ and found an interesting fly from their SBS side called S.Farrar baitfish pike and decided to try and was very satisfied with the result.
Easy and fast to tie and good looking,what more could I ask of a fly

And while the bobbin was warm I also tied an order of two flies and dropped them into an mailbox.

I think I will tie some more of these in different colours testing different materials.
I tied these using Body fibre,Congo hair,Flash fibre,Slinky fibre.
I have an vision of using more flash but still remember my last flash flies so I think it might be better to wait a while with my genious visions....

On Flydressing.se site was also a SBS fly called Flash deciver,could it be worth a try ? Hmm......who knows.

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