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tiistai 24. toukokuuta 2011

Some tests

Now after a weekends test in real conditions with my Guideline LPXe RS V2 (jesus what a name)and Visions Big Daddy line I have to say I like the combination,it has a faster Action the my GT4 or Hardy Zane rods and it was a little bit difficult at first but after a couple of hours it was a pure pleasure to handle.
I bought this rod with a fast action because in windy conditions I want higher linespeed then I could get with my Vision or Hardy rods but I dont want to go to a class 10 rod yet,feel it´s not necessary.
Planned also a A.Jensen High Tide rod in class 10 but ended up with this.
I was able to test it in windy conditions too and when I got the timing right I could get my biggest flies in reasonable lenghts,think I just need some training with these fast action rods first to give any reliable judgements.
I have a plan to go fishing next weekend IF I get my FRACTURED RIB in condition,
Yes,it is fractured,was to X-ray yesterday.
Anyway,if I´m okay then it will be some testing with different lines,at least with Guideline Pike #9 and RIO Scandinavian Pike also class 9.

The water temp in Lovisa has raised to over 14 degrees and the spawning is over so I think the pikes will soon go to deeper water where I dont trust my Regret-flies anymore so I have to find out something new,Tied two prototype version of a flash-Regret wich also will be tested IF I´m able to fish.

I don´t know why I always tie this same colour,maybe because it deliver most fish in water where I fish,at least the second one isn´t blue/silver wich also has been a reliable combo but hasn´t deliver for some time now,I don´t know why.

These are not going to be part of any beauty contests so the finish is some kind of crippled,I have a feeling there will be a lot of changes before I´m satisfied with this model.
And finally ,almost forgot to show you the fly that delivered the biggest pike and the pearch on last trip.

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