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sunnuntai 22. toukokuuta 2011

Fishing trip 21-22.5 Lovisa

I was very tired on Friday when I came home from work so I decided to sleep over and go go fishing early on Saturday morning and so I did.
Went first to my cottage and put some heat on and evenly had two cups coffee and then it was time for fishing.
The forecast for the weekend said sunny,3-6 m/s wind and a temp of +17 degrees.
And very surprisingly it was sunny but the wind was around 10-12 m/s and the temp was 12-14 degrees,I just wonder how it is so difficult to a have a correct forecast at least with the wind.

Anyway I went out with my boat and tried to find a place where I could do some flyfishing but I had to start with some spincasting first because of the gusty wind.
Three first spots and nobody home.
Driving to the fourth spot thinking about strangling someone who making those fuckin forecasts.
The fourth spot,a sheltered bay at least delivered some fishes sized xs.
One thing to mentioned was that I fished the three first spots spincasting and started to flyfish on the fourth,got me fishes with two first casts and after one hour I had landed six pikes but the biggest was propably two,maybe two and a half kilos.
That was enough for my Ssaturday fishing.

When I went back to my cottage I was going to fill some gasoline to my boat,I dont know how but I slipped and hit my rib,still don´t know if it´s fractured,But its hurting,guess I´ll have to go to an X-ray tommorow.

I don´t know why I sleep so well always at my cottage but once again I missed my planned sunrise fishing,woke up 8.30 am With a aching rib,pulled of the curtains and saw a sunny morning with a wind propably around 6-8 m/s.
My rib was blue and swollen and every time I took a deep breath it felt like someone pulling a knife in me.

I still decided to try to fish and after breakfast I went to the same sheltered bay where i got all fishes yesterday.
Even with a aching rib I managed to do some flyfishing using my Guideline LPXe rod with a Vision Big daddy int.line.
Yellow/red was the colour for the first 2-3 hours delivered the biggest pike for the weekend 90cm/5.2 kilos AND a Pearch wich I think is my PB with 795 grams.

After that it slowly stopped to deliver so I just had to find a new colour combo and as so many times before the reliable black/silver got me back in buisness with at least 6-7 pikes,the size wasn´t big but felt good anyway,I even forgot my aching rib.

Took me one fish to dinner all the other was c&r.
Even if I almost forgot my rib while I was fishing it surely got back in my mind when it was time to get my boat back on the trailer,I can guarantee it´s a painful thing to do with a fractured rib.
Life is hard but so am I :)

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  1. Wow! You had a nice catch Yohan. Hope I'll be able to go fishing there too.

    Anyways, nice post. Thanks for sharing.