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perjantai 30. toukokuuta 2014

Fishing 29.5 2014

Last post I wrote that my new battleship wasn't been tested in rough weather conditions,well on the basis of forecasts this could be a perfect day for that,13 m/s and wind gusts up to 15 m/s a bit outer so at least 10 m/s could be realistic.

Was out with My brother who ride my old Commander kayak in these days.
We arrived to the shore around 8.30 am in rainy,windy and cloudy conditions and made up a plan were to fish so that the  wind would disturb our fishing as little as possible.
Our first stop was just about 200 meters from shore in pretty sheltered area but still it was a rocky ride,fished there for not so long and even landed couple of some jacks before we decided to defy the wind.

Went out from the sheltered area and met a strong wind but 13 m/s....my ass,max 7 m/s,was a happy surprise anyway.
When we arrived to the next stop our expectations went sky high.We saw three pikes at same time feeding on surface so I decided to try my topwater flies which worked nice imo,landed some jacks here,no big guns here,nice fishing anyway even if I distinguish myself in dropping a lot of fishes.Biggest was my  brothers landed here on photo,also his next biggest on fly.

After this stop it was time to take a well deserved break,pretty nice to eat and drink in a heavy rain,who would not like soaked sandwiches  ?
While eating we made plans for next stop,couldn't made a plan for the whole day because of the wind.
Decided the place including a short stop on a special place for couple of casts.
not much more to tell you about,landed some fishes now and then,had some breaks,think my brother can now be called a "kayak angler" think he loved it.Would only had been nice to land some big mommas too but hey,you can't always win,not even every time :)
My brothers biggest catch showed and at the end,here's mine

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