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perjantai 13. kesäkuuta 2014

Fishing camp 7-9.6 2014

A bit late with this post as usually because of million things to do but every now and then couple of lines.
Anyway as the title says I was at a fishing camp named as one of the leaders and our main target was to give some youngsters thrills in pike fishing and also learn them proper handling of pikes,that's why I didn't expect too much of my own fishing.
Went out late on Friday evening so I didn't have to wake up so early on Sat morning,when i came to the shore I noticed that I could go fishing on my own couple of hours and so I did.
Also a good chance to test my Big Mama rod in boat fishing.
Oh man,a peaceful evening out at sea,no wind,twilight,really got my mojo rollin.
two hours and seven jacks later I decided to drag my ass to my brothers cottage for some food and sleep before next days marathon fishing.

Looking at these views you might understand the feelings and mood to get away from everything.
It was close to midnight when I had finished my coffee and sandwiches but still decided to go and on the dock for a while just to enjoy the view.

Well,even if I could have spent the whole night watching this view I knew I really need some sleep and it was time to crawl under a blanket and say hello to Mr Sandman.

Four hours later i woke up to a sound from my phone which said it was time to wake up for some breakfast before our marathon begins.
While eating I study the map and forecasts and decided where to fish this AM.Had me two nice youngsters in my boat.
Forecasts promised some wind later on but this morning was sunny and calm so I had no big hopes if I don't find some windy area.
I knew that some breeze was on it's way but while waiting for that we went to a large bay with plenty of fishable area and not long,third or fourth cast and I had my first jack landed.
Not too long for the youngsters to land their first fishes too.

Fished this spot for a while with surprisingly much action IMO even if the increasing wind didn't reach here into the bottom of the bay.
While I was looking out from this bay I saw there was some nice breeze and suddenly I got an idea,let's go out and see if the big guns is outside the bay on the windy side.

A bit risky to leave a place where we had so much action but I was missing the feeling of a heavy hit on my fly and hoped the same for the youngsters too.
Also a risk because I had never fished this shoreline before but with my first cast I landed a jack and not long from that we all started to get fishes and I think the size went bigger too,and on this place I had a feeling that it could be possible to get some big guns too.
After we moved position some meters I managed to get a cast two ft in among the reeds and for a second I let the fly sink when I felt a hit I had waited for,a very heavy "train hit".
Immediately felt that this was more then a jack ,after a while I got an eye contact with my dance partner and saw it was an "okay" size but soon I realized it was not just okay,it was an L-size IMO and after some battling I managed to land a real beauty.

We continued to fish this long shoreline landing some fishes now and then,until we decided to go back to the cottage to something to eat.
We had us some food and also we took a power nap before we went out again and continued from were we last quit.
We found a nice weedless place among the reeds and had some cool top water action here

Not much more to tell you about from Saturday,fished until the sun went down,11.00 pm and all of us had have a good day with over 60 landed fishes in my boat so we thought it would taste nice with food and some sleep.

Don't know if I'm gettin old or what but on Sunday morning I was tired,so fuckin tired....But some coffee and sandwiches made my inner engine run and after a while we were out again.
it all started well for the youngsters,they landed fish after fish while I just dropped one.
first plan was to fish some places we didn't fish yesterday but in seek for the big guns I felt completely lost.
At some stage we went back to the same places we fished on Saturday and now even I had some fishes landed,youngsters continued to land fish after fish,nice flow on...

Youngsters had some very good fishing but not before last spot of the day I managed to land a nice ma'm which really made my day,a ma'm that looked just like the angler,short and fat.

Well,it was already afternoon so we had to end fishing in middle of the day because we had to eat and clean the cottage,also to pack everything takes time but a total amount of over 100 landed pikes,all C&R and to see the new generations proper pike handling without boga grips and overall respectful handling made at least me happy generally,will go fishing with these guys anytime. CHEERS.

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