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tiistai 27. toukokuuta 2014

Ride 135 VS Commander 140

First of all I want to remind you that almost everything in this post is just MY thoughts,not some scientific truths,hard to put these two in any kind of competition because they are so different right from basis.

Anyway,Used my commander for a season and was very pleased with that in any ways,actually there is not a single thing  to complain,not in handle,not in use and not in featuring.

                                                             First feelings

Remember when I went out with my Commander for first time,even if I had read how stable it is it really didn't felt so,I was so scared I barely dare to move but that feeling disappeared quickly when I got used to it.Nowadays I would dare to stand in both.
Both of these kayaks are in my opinion so stable that it would be very difficult to overturn either of them.

In my opinion Commander feels a bit safer because you are sitting a bit lower and you got some sides around you,this attribute comes to it's rights especially if you are a beginner.

After learn to trust in both kayaks stability it's time to paddle around a bit in different weather conditions.
While writing this I wan't to remind you that I haven't been out with my Ride 135 in VERY bad weather so my opinions might change later on at this season.
With the Commander I was out couple of times in pretty bad weather and was even scared couple of times,especially when a big wave hit me and in a second my kayak was filled with water,I believe it was a "handling mistake" but at that moment I really missed dewatering holes anyway.
Most significant difference is that you sit a bit higher in Ride than commander which might give you a feeling of instability but trust me,you get over it very quick.
Even if the seats seem to be same I of some reason like Ride135 seat slightly more,maybe because you sit a bit higher.
Also think Ride is a bit slower because of the width ??? dewatering holes ??? or am I only imagine ???
Anyway the difference is very small in my opinion.


While you have been out testing you probably wanna feature your ship with different things like anchor trolley etc,etc...
To mount anything on both of these ships I would say that Commander take the game about 100-0 due to three things:
On a Commander you can easily mount a dashboard by just "click it in" and on that you can mount rod holders,sonar or whatever without drilling holes in your ship.

Secondly Commander got long and many slide tracks were it's easy to mount almost everything you can image.
For third thing You got a lot more space around you in Commander than in  Ride 135,very few mountings comes really in your way.

There's a lot of setups on internet and it's just to pick up some of your own needs or if you are some kind of discoverer find out your own solutions.
One of my own solutions that I have been very happy with is absolutely the "camera rig" which has gave me the opportunity to take decent photos of nice fishes.

Carrying capacity is pretty much same on both but loading a Commander is much easier because of the open construction,Ride instead got two waterproof storage places,someone need them,someone don't.
Anyway,in my opinion IF you want to mount a lot of things on your battleship it will be much easier on a Commander,also removing them is easier because you don't have to drill so much holes on it.
Mounting anything on your Ride 135 needs to be carefully thought first.

Some of you might think why I even bought a Ride 135,well first of all I got an offer too hard to resist and secondly because 95 % of my fishing is fly fishing for pike I like to sit a bit higher,feel it easier to cast,you can sit higher in a commander too but I didn't felt it very comfortable,also I don't need that much space,get easily 50 flies in one box and everything else fits well behind my back or in the two waterproof storage places.
Don't even want /need too much rod holders etc because fly line has an very annoying attribute,it tangle on every possible AND impossible place too.

                                                   Testrun continue.

So far I have been very pleased with my Ride135,some difficulties first but overcome them with some thinking were to mount all extras to suit my fishing and the last trip left me only one question and that's were to put my paddle while fishing,don't like the current solution but I know that sooner or later I will get some idea for that too.
Will be back for some more thoughts after I got some miles behind me with this battleship.

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