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maanantai 5. toukokuuta 2014

New stuff.

This season in tying has been a bit different in many ways.First of all the amount of tied flies has been enormous,not for me but for other.
Secondly I have had  an extraordinary amount of new materials in test and so far they have seem to be very useful in my tying.
My latest add in new materials came from Denmark,www.flytying.eu
Daniel Holm kindly send me some new colors of  one of my all time favorite material Big fly fibre.

All of them looking great but those who have followed this blog for a longer time know that the grey one is my favorite,can use it for roach patterns.
Also glad to see that even if the price is a bit higher than on the other colors the amount of material is also bigger as you can see.

Hopefully the bunches don't get smaller,guess it all depend on Hedron :)

Also got some samples of  another of my favorites,Magnum flash in some cool red/gold color called Sunrise,think it will be a killer combo in summer.

And another color combo of Magnum flash designed by Daniel called Sunset,the one on the left.
The one on the right is also a new material called Flashbou predator and is 52 cm:s long like Magnum,only thinner,here in Sunrise color.

Haven't spoke to Daniel yet of the best way to use predator flash but my guess is it could be awesome to blend with Magnum flash or to cut in middle and use as body on your flash flies.
If you need some super smooth movement maybe use this instead of Magnum ?

Anyway have tied a fly using the "Sunset" mix and I'm very pleased with the result,only wish I could take some decent photos....

I'm in a middle of testing a new pattern for me so have not tied more flies with these materials but got some visions inn my head how they gonna look like.....

Some new normal flash too designed by Daniel.
One color that I have always liked from Hedron has been Salt'n'peppa which  has now been updated with some Holo silver in it and I think it's now spot on,really like this one !!! This combo has been named to "Moonlight"

Think that the new grey Big fly fibre and this flash belong together in some pattern I got in mind.
But hey,no more bullshit from me,Go in to www.flytying.eu and check out for more.
And also check out https://www.youtube.com/user/123flytying/videos for Daniels awesome tying videos too

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