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perjantai 16. toukokuuta 2014

Waiting for the weekend.

So,as I told you in my earlier post there is a new battleship arriving and now it's lying on the roof of my car waiting for baptismal which will be this weekend.
So have been in a bit of hurry to do all the mandatory adds like the anchor rig before I get it out on the water.
Planned that I could add a rod holder for my fly rod today,maybe the camera rig too but we'll have to see.

Here's a photo of my new kayak without the seat but with the anchor rig mounted.
Didn't want to drill too many holes in it so mounted the wheels at both ends with a rubber twine and only drilled holes for the pad eyes.

Pad eyes were mounted using silicone and rivets,rivets because I didn't have too much of inside access.
Rod holder is planned to be mounted close to the waterproof storage place in the middle of the kayak and I think I could use screws and lock nuts here.
A big question about the camera rig is where to mount it,it's almost necessary to have a inside access because it has to be mounted with screws,need to study the big internet world and hopefully find out a solution.
Will report more after the weekend.

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