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sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

Fishing 24.5 2014

Even if the title says fishing my  aim target was to test the new adds on my kayak,most important of them were my landing net "rig" but also my camera rig solution

Both solutions easy to made but increase the comfort with 100%.
I Cut of 37 cm from the shank and added a fastener and problem solved,costs of 1,19 € sound fair to me :)

When I looked at the weather I was doubtful about if I was going to get any tests of the camera rig but there will be times for that later.
Also made a roach pattern for this trip because I saw last time big flocks of roaches on shallow areas and  the plan today was to fish close to those places were pikes lying in deeper areas and now and then came up for feeding.
Had two places in mind but while paddling to the first one I decided to try a place on my way there.
Fished for a while with no contacts and was about to give up when I of some reason decided to change the fly to a black/white/silver and from the first cast there was action  with almost every cast,if not hits then at least followers but only very small pikes,one with some nasty looking scars.

Scars from spawning maybe,don't know ???
Anyway,landed a lot of pikes but only small ones as I thought before the trip,sunny,27 degrees and no wind,decided to take a Sunday selfie to test my new cam rig.

Anyway,no need to bully these small guns anymore so I started to paddle to my destination I planned the day before today but once again I stopped to try a well known place and same story continued,a lot of small jacks were hooked or followed my fly.
Made a new plan,decided to go were I had planned to and fish some places on my way back but first I thought it  was time to eat something and stopped on a small islet and while sitting there looking out at the sea I once again have to say that our archipelago is stunning,a place to relax.

After a light lunch it was time to start fish the place I had originally planned,spent here a long time but only small jacks at home here too.

Moved to a small bay with no big expectations but after a couple of casts I had the heaviest hit ever on my fly,saw a big whirl and in a second  my line moved 4-5 meters to right of me and I had a  really angry mam hooked,took me about 6-7 minutes before I had her landed and finally I had my new camera rig tested.

Not the biggest but she really made my day.

There was more to come,didn't even change the place,next cast and a small jack hit my fly just when I was about to start a new cast and with the next cast I once again felt a heavy hit and minutes after that I once again tested my camera rig.

Looking at these photos I first thought it was the same fish but looking at markings at her tail revealed that it was two different ones.

Time to move position a bit and again a better hit,oh man this seem to be my day.

If you wonder the photo is because the battery in the cam was empty so I used my phone instead.
Anyway,fished a while but only small jacks landed and I decided to end this day while it still felt magical and while I was paddling back I calculated landed fishes and came to a amount of 39,not bad for a day which was only meant to be a kayak test :)

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