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maanantai 19. toukokuuta 2014

Fishing 17.5 2014

Not often i have been at so good mood when I launched my new battleship early last Saturday.
Warm weather,sunny and no wind but felt so happy and relaxed anyway,had no "must have a fish" feeling at all,to test my new battleship was my main target.
Only thing I made before this trip was an anchor trolley rig,decided to test before any mounting of camera rig or rod holders.

So out on sea and do some testing while fishing.
Had made some plans were to fish but stopped on two places before my first real spot and managed to test the anchor trolley at same time.
Notice: fly casting is easier from this ship then from my Commander,also like that I 'm able to have a fly box under the seat.No fishes....

Not sure was I unaccustomed or what but this ship felt a bit slower than Commander,might be so,Ride is 6 cm: s wider.
Anyway,when I arrived to days first real spot I noticed that I need to find a solution where to put the paddle for longer stops.
Anchor rig also need some adjustments.
Fishing:We had some light breeze now so fishing looked a bit better,parked my kayak on a shallow area close to bit deeper area so i could fish both shallow and deep.Had a good feeling about this place.
Not many casts before  I felt a hit on my fly,first a very light and smooth one but when I got the fish closer to the kayak and up at the shallow area the fight was on.
Now I knew that this was not a jack,definitely a better one,need my landing net here,I can tell you that unfold your landing net and fighting a big fish at same time is not that funny I wanna do it again.
after some hustle I managed to land a beautiful ma'm,she had suffered enough of my hazing so even if the photo is shit it will have to do.

Notice: Need to find a rational place for my Landing net.Got some ideas already...

Nice start anyway.lifted the anchor and let my kayak drift a bit further and continued the fishing and not long before once again a heavy hit disturbed my thoughts,this time there was no hustle with landing but photo taking is something that also need to be solved.


At this moment I saw that I had drifted a bit because my anchor trolley had broke so it was about time to take a break with some coffee and sandwiches and of course I had to fix the anchor too.
It was a warm and sunny day so I really enjoyed sitting and watching the sea..

After some fixing and coffee it was time for a paddling in a bit heavier wind to second spot.

Fished here for some hours and landed couple jacks and soon I felt it would be nice to eat something and as soon I saw a good place to ashore it was time for the second break for the day.
Decided to take a walk at this islet and found a shallow area were it was impossible to reach with boat,or maybe even a kayak,but there was a lot of small fishes,roaches maybe spawning and got me an idea to tie up a fly looking like them.
took some photos and eat a warm meal.

While I was eating I saw a interesting place and decided it was well worth a try and also decided it will be the last spot for today and after a couple of minutes I arrived there but there was already two fishermen fishing from the shore so I just made couple of casts.....and landed a nice fish in front of them.

So,even if I had to paddle against the wind I was happy about this day,13 hours out at sea was absolutely something I both needed and wanted.Now I got a week to solve some of the problems I found out today and take a new try next weekend.

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