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torstai 4. elokuuta 2011

Holiday approaching.

Yesssss,tomorrow is my last day at work before my well earned vacation.tomorrow after work a couple of hours fishing after a long break.
Have a lot to do searching for a new apartment but hopefully there will be some fishing too.
Forecast promises some wind around 7 m/s and 20 degrees air temp,hoping the water temp has dropped a lot from last time.
Monday would be a good weather for pikehunt with some rain and wind,cloudy +16 degrees,crossing my fingers up to elbows I´ll be able to get out on the sea.

Got my deliveries from Nordic angler including Body fibre in new colours,had some plans to tie couple of new flies but instead of that I´m sitting here and writing my blog.
Well....maybe I´ll got enough flies,not in mood to test any new ones,just wanna get out at sea and lay out my fly line,don´t give a shit if I´ll catch any fishes at all,just need a break from that noisy city.
That´s all for now,hopefully ll be able to give you a report of fridays trip to Lovisa Archipelago.

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  1. Just remember when you get out onto th water Djuza,take time out to enjoy the quiteness and surroundings before you chuck some fluff. I guarantee you will have a good session as your mind will solely be on fishing.