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sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2011

Welcome autumn and bigger flies

The weather has slowly but surely cooled down and so also the water,if this continue for a while it will soon be time for some serious pikehunt.
The summer was all too hot for fishing,I can´t remember when there has been so little fishing than this summer.
Well,there has been some short trips but the size has been very small and the one single decent sized fish I had on my fly...I just lost it.
So I got big expectations for this autumn now when the big mamas soon will arrive to lower water depths to the inner archipelago.

Because of the warm summer I have had some time to prepare myself for the autumn fishing.
Have bought me some new technical underwear to float tube fishing.
Bought some new customized fly lines.My boat should be ready for some cold conditions so..Yes I feel prepared.
Got my first two fishes on my upside down flies and both of them was attached on their under lip so the test wasn´t very successfull but I will still continue testing.
I have also tied me some bigger flies,just in case....
These two are about 26cm:s (a bit over 10 inches)and like the one in my last post these two will be tested soon but will be more seriously used later in autumn.

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